One, we are the Tigers. Two, a little bit louder. Three, I still can't hear you... We are NUMBER ONE Latijera Tigers Throwback Post football game Darby Park., Inglewood, Ca. Roll call: Al Wynn, Jamal, Ed Anderson, Me, Montoya Washington, Delouis White, Jaun 'Tako' Martinez, Timothy 'Tick' Howard, Gordon Jackson, Chris Ellison, Travon Powers (RIP) and Melvin Miller This is the real Latijera, the same school featured in the movie, The Wood. #tagatiger #latijera #inglewood #bungalos Fun Fact: I played hoop at Cal, Chris Ellison was a STAR at BYU and Melvin Miller was a young HOG at University of Washington... I think that's Antwon Young in the back, who also went on to play SDSU before playing for the Minn Vikings... Latijeras Finest.
TBT - Magic Show debut - 2005 This was the first year that I was 'officially' part of the show. Until then, me and my ace, Tez had just been going to the Magic Show to pop trunks around the venue and to take notes for when it was finally our turn! It was this year that I positioned myself to not only get a booth, but also bring out 3 cars worth of folks to help make this mission a possibility. #betty #adriene @seanalimgreed @smarshall2016 @cashoutmary @neptunesticks_sandiego @riminal all helped make this dream into a reality. And to be honest, for a small indie company, we did pretty well. We walked out of there with some orders, one of which was an international buyer that led to our shirts being featured in the Japanese version of Low Rider Magazine... Not bad for a small t-shirt brand with a 'baby booth' that was dwarfed by the likes of Sean John, Phat Farm, Enyce, and a while slew of other hip hop clothing lines... we rented a crib off of the strip with a stripper pole, pool table, swimming pool and a few other fly details. We all had the same shirts, we passed out promo flyers and mixed CD's (featuring The likes of @damani_nkosi and @deezwrongkindinglez ) and we definitely left our mark! And the dope part is, I have it all on video!!!! To be released soon! Fact: The models got us the sales. Since we were a small company and our booth was basically a folding table and 3 walls, I knew I would have a hard time drawing attention, especially when you see all the big boy brands with these HUGE, souped up mega booths that looked like department stores... So, I brought out about 10 models with me from LA to work the crowd and draw buyers to the booth... It worked! They literally walked around the ENTIRE venue and attracted potential buyers (and @michael_colyar) to come to our booth! Shout out Danielle for being so dope and getting those Japanese buyers😉 And special thanks to @seanalimgreed, I brought more models but he brought THEE MODEL😂😂😂 Fun Fact: Guess which model ended up marrying #JohnnyGill and guess which model ended up being a #pornstar #doesha #doeshaworld #doeshaworldwideinvasion #420 #burnone #lasvegas #magicshow #fashion #models #tbt