(Cold) sunny Saturday mornings are for....
The Bootcamp sessions where it all gets a bit ‘bootcampy’ - it’s a love to hate kind of thing! 👍💪🤜🏃‍♀️🤢
This year’s Winter Challenge is fully a-go-go - let the games, banter and competitiveness begin!
I got a bit of a shock this morning... from what seemingly looked like a clean beach, we collected a bucket of rubbish each in no time at all, just from the beach and grass at North Steyne. Cigarette butts, microplastics, polystyrene, a nappy, a hospital fluid bag (!), bottle tops and plastic bags. Certainly made us think about the mark we leave on the planet and I’ll be doing more frequent collections to look after our beloved spot of sand. Thanks ploggers #everylittlehelps
The calm after the storms....
Happy long weekend all! No sessions on Monday but come and catch another one of these with us tomorrow at 7AM to start your weekend the right way. This morning was pretty spesh! #missitmissout #nofilter
Full moon, a bit of hail, a few simmering bush fires, north head cemetery and yoga - all in a night’s work for OzSquad and Trailblazers! #nightrun