Sandbags AND the yellow bars in one session. At least it stayed dry 😜 #getitdone
Hill and sand sprint pyramids at the OzSquad Original session this morn - hard efforts for 15sec, 30sec, 45sec, 60sec and back down again. #yourewelcome #tryityoumightlikeit
Team MAD are still running their Mile-A-Day! 274 days down, 91 to go.... it is therefore probably time to start dreaming up a 2019 challenge 😜 #mileaday #runstreak
He did it! OzSquadder David on the summit of Mont Blanc! He says “Can't thank Oz Squad enough. I needed all of that 5 months of fitness training. The hardest physical thing I've ever done and the demand on the body was insane. It was something else - Terrifying at points too!” Well done David, mission accomplished! 👏👏👏 #ozsquadontour #kickinggoals
The OzSquad yoga workshop! We hope that you all learnt something new to take forward into future classes (I have been doing reverse warrior wrong for years!). #whoknew #alignment
Normal sunny business resumed! ☀️💪🤜
Flashback to yesterday’s 24 hours of Summer - 30 degrees yesterday, 15 today! #saywhatsydders