‘‘Twas the week before Christmas... and only 6 didn’t have hangovers. 👏😂
Thanks Tuesday night crew - Last night’s ‘Train the Trainer’ included this puke inducing number! Pretty sure we have NEVER included it in a session, but we might now... 😜🤢 #tryit #itshorrible
Rounding out the week with tabata and the ole fave, sandbag sand runs #loveyourwork
New OzSquad ‘guns out’ tops! Have you got yours yet? Message us to order ($25 Unisex sizes XS to XL).
SHOUT OUT... to this brave awesome foursome who nailed the 3 points challenge yesterday in somewhat less than desirable conditions. TICK! 👏🏊‍♀️🏃🏊‍♀️🏃🏊‍♀️
Your #Runvember - ers! These guys clocked up 5km EVERYDAY in November. The challenge isn’t actually about the running though, it’s about making a commitment, following through, changing habits, mixing up routines and showing that even on the crummiest, most stressful of days, you can still fit some feel-good activity in. Well done everyone for showing up and getting it done all month. The winners were Maaike ($150 OzSquad voucher), Matt ($50 from the fab guys at @paceathletic), Claire (running for wine!) and Simone (singlet). Until next year!
Getting the last 5k of #Runvember done at Gab’s Freshie Original session this morn. There are easier ways to run 5k, but I’m not sure there are better, sweatier, more scenic ways to do it. Learnings, winners and #Runvember finalist post coming soon (just as soon as the last runners have done it!). Way to go us - all hail the 5k! 👍🏃
OzSquad hitting the wall. The Rockhouse and 4 Pines Brewery in Brookie - probably the best way to spend a Friday night on an industrial estate!
The ‘BLap’. Unfortunately the B is for burpees. Not bacon.
15 down, 15 more 5kms to go to complete this year’s #runvember challenge. We’ve got this team! #tiredlegs
Happy Wedding Day Stacey! She sleeps in her gym gear, smiles through even the worst Shred work-outs and is prone to the odd clumsy injury. But the question is - will she complete her #runvember 5k on her wedding day?!! Congrats lady - see you on the other side.
Ready, Steady, OzSquad Amazing Race Go! Thanks for having us along for your team building Vodafone - book your work do with us now! 👍🏃🏆🍻
Not a day goes by where I don’t thank my lucky stars that this is where I live, work and work-out #lovemanly #nobetterplace
Thursday night beach beers, I mean games. Thursday night beach games!
6AM Thursdays - Strength or Run/Core. Yep, we spoil you! 😜
It’s that time of year again - time to add a bit of weight to your run! #pumpkin
Sun’s up ☀️💪😁