These guys were promised pizza if they each clocked up 12 OzSquads during Feb. Think they got their monies worth! #burpeesforpizza
You can make an effort or you can make an excuse. What will it be at 5.30am tomorrow?!
Have you got yours yet? 10% off from our friends @paceathletic for all OzSquad members. Pick your card up at your next session 👍 #lovediscounts
Tomorrow 6am - one last sunrise and sprint session with Gab. #missitmissout
Alarm clock going off? You know you’ll regret hitting snooze... get down there! #justdoit
Don’t miss Gab’s running adventure tomorrow morn, alarm clocks at the ready!
Yes the mornings are getting darker but that just means you get to see the sun come up and the sky go shades of pink while you squat! #donthitsnooze
Sun Run 2018! (No Simon, I don’t need to look sweaty...). Nice work runners and supporters!
Dishing out fruit to the Sun Runners this morn - 1km to go! #nearlythere