the sun is finally setting on my seemingly ~endless~ summer
in loving memory of taco tuesdays
people said the sunset was beautiful
a desk job doesnt give you a good tan
pretty sure its still summer
prom. college edition.
was there a football game? ftfo?
on this season of the bachelorette....
"Sarah, come to San Francisco with me and I'll take a good insta pic for you" ~kelly *packs up in 10 minutes and runs to his car*
be a flamingo in a world of pigeons
"Helllllllllllllllllo" -eddy aka the annoying man in line who told me i looked homeless and should eat the half of his burrito that he didnt finish #region7
i wonder how long it took him to blow this up...
to infinity & beyond
goggles were invented in america
cooper makes fucking delicious chicken. go eat it.