Drinking my veggies and eating my happy meal ☀️ It’s nice to be home.
Ok y’all this is it! 💪🏼 I just submitted my before pictures for my 80 day transformation contest. My personal goals: work out 5-6x a week, eat healthy 80% of the time, adding muscle (especially in my legs), and leaning out a bit. I’m loving being a part of a such a supportive community where we all hold one another accountable. Tonight is the last chance to join our contest: 1st place transformation = $25k / 2nd place = $10k / 3rd place = $5k 😳 If you’re looking for coaching, recipe ideas, support and accountability — JOIN ME! Starting next Monday ✅
Until next time New Zealand 🤙🏼
Today we went on a 12 mile hike and somehow didn’t die. It’s safe to say I was the most obnoxious person there. Shout out to home girl Jill for putting up with my crazy antics. You the real MVP.
I’m bringing planking back.
Yesterday we found a waterfall behind a farm. It was trés pretty. Me, not so much.
Life goal: travel the world with my best friends ✅
Happy 28th Birthday to my southern belle 👯‍♀️ Hope you have the best day ever!!! Love & miss you bestie
Do me a favor and wish this babe a happy 28th birthday 🎂 Love you @sfitz0102 — hope you have an amazing day!
Dancing into 2018 like... Warning, #basicnewyearspost 😅Man, this past year was insane. Traveled to new places like Hawaii, Sedona, Niagara Falls and Italy, made the best of friends out west, went camping and indoor rock climbing, became a professional tour guide to San Diego visitors and learned to let go of things that were not meant for me. I’m entering 2018 with a new spark and an open heart. “The past is your lesson. The present is your gift. The future is your motivation.”
Ok so who’s already setting their 2018 goals? To celebrate the release of our 80-day transformation challenge today I figured I’d throw it backkkk to some of my favorite transformations of friends I’ve helped! These results were from our initial 24 day challenge alone 😳 We have a ton of people who have committed to making some serious changes this upcoming year and I can’t wait to tackle these goals with each of you 🙌🏻
If you were curious what Christmas looks like in California...
Anyone interested in winning $25,000 cash within 3 months? 😳We have BIG things planned for 2018 and I’m looking for people who are ready and committed to changing their lives (SPOTS ARE LIMITED!) Starting in January, we will be running an 80-day transformation challenge. 1st place = $25,000 💰 2nd place = $10,000💰 3rd place = $5,000💰If you are ready to make 2018 YOUR YEAR, comment below or send me a message to reserve your spot and get more info.
Oh hey, Colorado 👋🏼 Looking good as usual. Next stop: PHL