Ate jerk chicken and talked a bit, really sweet sweedish man you are lean💖 #35mm -BH
Truly believe this photo would look just right for album/ep art💥 -BH
Dont like clean cities‼️-BH
Thinking is good, but don't over think🖤🔮 -BH
Bring Boris Back 2️⃣ Paris💞 -BH
bye bye 2017🏁 -BH
Not so sweet🍬🍬🍬 -BH
Live the moment, nah fuck off😤😤😤 -BH
стиль™ -BH
December Freeze❄️ -BH
🆔 @bass.barber🆕🎞 -BH
Murda on the beat and its not nice🏆 #35mm -BH
feliz cumpleanos jason✨🎈 -BH