WEEK 97 // HUMPDAY ☘️ Good morning Fam!! What an absolutely gorgeous day in Cape Town! What I would do to be on the beach RN ☀️ ~ Today I want to chat about something that happened to me yesterday, and based on your hundreds of DMs of love yday, it seems that this is not uncommon 🌸 If you watched my IG stories last night, you would have seen that something happened to me late yesterday afternoon that pretty much messed with my mental state and made me want to “quit life” and just call it a day. I left work, and instead of turning into the gym as I normally do, I turned left towards my apartment. I even made it into my flat and just collapsed on the couch. 5 minutes passed, then 10, then 15, before I realized that I was being really silly. Notwithstanding that I was SUPER bored because I usually train in that time, I felt like I had failed and I was letting myself down. I was then upset because I was upset 🤣 I realize that this probably happens to sooo many of us. So instead of mellowing in my own self-pity, and instead of wasting a potentially great day of exercise, I reasoned with myself and managed to get my gym clothes on and get up off the couch... That’s the really HARD PART! It’s also the part that strengthens your mental state and proves that you CAN do something if you just commit your mind to it ☝🏼 I was honestly so defeated yesterday, but after pushing myself to get my ass to the promenade for at LEAST a walk, I felt immensely better about myself and the fresh air helped to clear my head. I changed my outlook, become more positive for it, and woke up today ready to tackle a BRAND NEW DAY!! ~ If you ever find yourself in this situation, where you just want to quit, DONT!! Don’t ever give up!! Rather alter the task slightly then give up altogether. Yesterday I couldn’t bring myself to train legs after the incident, so I changed my task and opted for a walk instead. Whatever you decide, just don’t EVER QUIT! Make the task manageable for yourself, and I promise you, your body will thank you 💛 ~ That’s my little mid-week lesson for ya’ll! Thank you for your wonderful DMs of love yday 💗 I hope you all have a fabulous HUMPDAY ☘️ 📷: @tegansmithphotography
WEEK 97 // TUESDAY 😋 Helloooo beautiful people!!! I thought I would quickly check in amidst the flood of emails in my inbox and quickly say what’s up!!! 🌸 It’s been a crazy last two days, hence the lack of IG story activity and posting BUUUUT I am alive and already smashing this new year 💛 I just totally love this quote and literally think these people actually made it for me 😛(considering that a messy bun is my go-to staple hairdo) and I’m totally getting stuff done RN 🤣 But in all seriousness, this year has got off to a pretty incredible start 🙏🏼. From successful meetings to exciting emails, I cannot wait to share more about what’s going to be happening real soon in the world of @fitnessgirl_za 💗 I hope everyone has had an equally great start to their new year and are totally SMASHING their goals ✨ I’m off to gym now for my second session of year (legs) goodness pray for meeee 🤣 Have a wonderful Tuesday chickens 💛💛💛
WEEK 96 // SUNDAY 🌴 I always used to get super anxious & a little down on the Sunday night before school / work goes back, but tonight I don’t really feel that way 💛 I think it’s because I had such an incredible holiday & I managed to achieve certain things that I never deemed possible a couple months ago.... Obvs you guys know by now, that rocking this beautiful @swimsuitsforall high waisted bikini this Dec/Jan was something I worked my ass off with my coach @jackthesheriff all year to achieve ✨ I may not have the perfect bikini body by society’s standards, but it’s perfect for me, right now, in this season ☝🏼 Mentally however, I think I accomplished so much more last year. I really just felt comfortable in my body for the first time in probably 6 years. Being able to walk on a beach in a swimsuit in PEAK season with every other gorgeous specimen, AND FEEL CONFIDENT doing so, is something I still can’t really understand 🤣 But that’s why I say that losing weight & getting healthy is so much more a mental game than a physical one.... 99% of the time our insecurities are in our HEAD and our outward appearance (and the view others have of us) pale in comparison to how we feel about ourselves. Sharing with you all about the metal aspect of losing weight is something I would like to focus on this year, & sharing more about how I’ve worked to change my mental state & how I’ve managed to change how I perceive & view my body ☺️ For starters, it really begins with loving yourself no matter your season & being kinder to yourself 🙌🏼✨ ➰ As for my goals for this year (I don’t do resolutions because we all know how that’s ends 😝) I would honestly just like to continue inspiring you all to start your own journey’s. I am going to continue on my fitness journey, placing less emphasis on the scale & more emphasis on how I look & feel when I see my reflection. Of course the scale will still go down (as it should) as I push hard in the gym & continue on a deficit. Short-term, it’s also probable that my coaching stable (STS) will be organizing a photoshoot in March/April so you’ll probably see me prepping hard for that too 💗 So cheers to 2018!! It’s about time already!!
WEEK 96 // SATURDAY 💛 And just like that, our little Plett holiday is over and it’s back to reality! I have honestly had the most incredible holiday with this hooman!!! I couldn’t ask for a better companion, fitness buddy and foodie friend 💋 As sad as it is to leave, I really am excited to finally get 2018 started!!! I’m looking forward to being in my own space again and getting back into a set fitness routine 🙌🏼 Plett was everything I needed and more after the hectic end to last year. I am feeling refreshed and energized and soooo ready to tackle this year head on! I have an important next two months at work as we wrap up the financial year, so it’s going to be balls to the wall from Monday!!! For now though, I’m enjoying the last weekend of my leave with this special man, and counting my lucky stars that I get to experience life with him by my side ✨ ~ P.s we actually started a travel / lifestyle account this holiday, so if you’ve enjoyed seeing a bit more of Dean on my account these past two weeks, then give us a follow over at @_travellingtwo 💛
WEEK 96 // FRIYAY ⛱ ✨ THANK YOU FOR 10K ✨ Where to even begin ☺️ It’s only right that I start off by saying THANK YOU. When I made the decision to use @instagram as a commitment device to track my transformation journey, I could never have imagined that my decision would have such a profound influence on all of you. I wake up every single day, with so much love & gratitude in my heart simply because perfect strangers have chosen to follow my journey 💛 ➰ I honestly & sincerely believe that I could have never achieved the results that I have, without the constant love and encouragement I have received from all of you. Even though I may be unable to reply to every comment / DM immediately, I honestly read EVERY SINGLE one & they all have a massive impact on me 🤗 Throughout this entire journey I have received 99.9% more love than hate, & that’s a testament to YOU guys & the incredible community that supports this account 🙌🏼🙌🏼 This journey is the gift that keeps on giving (I know I say that a lot) and the biggest gift of all is being able to transcend the digital space & impact you guys on a deep & personal level every single day. I have always maintained that I try not to be seen as an “influencer” or “celeb”. Rather, I am simply the girl next door who decided to GO FOR IT. And that’s exactly why YOU CAN DO IT TOO!! 🌿 ➰ I hope to continue to use my platform to educate, inspire, and motivate you all to achieve all your dreams & goals. My hope is that through @fitnessgirl_za you are able to find the encouragement to start your own fitness journey’s & in turn inspire your friends and families to do the same. I really feel that together we can start a movement of positive thinking & doing ☝🏼 ➰ I am truly so thankful for each & every one of you, & some of you have even become my closest friends!! So thank you for always reading my LONG ASS CAPTIONS 🤣, for watching my IG stories daily (even when I ramble on about boring stuff), for always being there for me no matter the time of day, for taking the time out of your busy days to send me words of encouragement on my latest posts, and for just being AWESOME!! Love you guys!! 💗💋
WEEK 96 // FRIYAY ☕️ Good morning Fam!! It’s my last day in beautiful Plett and we’re off to a good start on central beach ⛱ It’s been an absolutely incredible holiday. I have done things I never dreamed I would do, like walk the full length of Plett Central beach in a bikini, hike in nothing but a bikini top and tights, complete my first 5km run, AND finish my book haha!!!! As much as I am sad to leave Plett tomorrow, I am so excited to FINALLY get 2018 started. This holiday has given me soooo much perspective regarding what my body goals SHOULD be this year, and I am so excited to chat with my coach next week about our year plan🌿 Even though I haven’t really hit the ground yet, 2018 is off to a pretty incredible start. I received some amazing news yesterday which I will be sharing with you all very soon! It’s safe to say that I have such an incredible feeling about 2018 and I cannot wait to start smashing my new goals for the year 💗 Over the course of next week, I’ll be sharing my goals for this year and sharing a bit more about where my head is at ✨ Here’s to the new year and walking this journey together 🤗
WEEK 96 // TUESDAY 🌊 I thought I would share something a little different this #transformationtuesday ✨ For some, this photo may be a little boring and random. But for me, it represents strength, confidence, radical self-love and every other word I can think of to describe how happy I felt in this moment yesterday 💛 ➰ Yesterday I hiked to one of my favourite places on earth, the Storms River Bridge in the Tsitsikamma Nature Reserve🌿 There is something so freeing and magical about that place 👣 But honestly, yesterday I did something I have never done before. And to some, it may seem insignificant and lame but to me it means that I have progressed to a point in my weight loss journey where I am beginning to feel confident and happy in my own skin... Yesterday I had enough courage to hike in nothing but tights and a bikini top!!!😄 For the entire duration of the hike I kept thinking to myself “I can’t believe you’re ok with this. That you’re happy and confident and you love the body you’re in right in this moment”. It was really surreal to me. It still is. ➰ Last year when I was in Plett, I was scrambling to cover up my body at all costs. I was 25kgs heavier than I am now and whilst I was happier than the previous year, I wasn’t nearly as confident as I am today. ➰ My journey does not stop here though. Even though I am happier in my own skin, I know there are still massive improvements I want to make to my overall lean muscle mass (“toning”) which will go a long way in firming up my legs, arms and tummy 💗 It is my hope that this time next year, I will finally have done enough to have earned by dream body and who knows, maybe I’ll be able to rock shorts and a “normal” bikini too 😛 So yesterday, when I was looking out onto the horizon, visualizing my 2018 goals, I took a moment to reflect on the hard work, dedication & sacrifice it took to get me to this point, I said well done to myself and re-committed to even GREATER goals for 2018 ✨ I am so excited to continue this journey will all of you, and all I’m saying is ➡️ 2018 WATCH THIS SPACE!! Thank you to each an every one of you who takes the time to comment & send me words of love and support 💛
WEEK 96 // MONSLAAY 👣 I have never written about this, & even though this post is not entirely related to my fitness journey, it is related to the 83% of the women who make up my followers 💗 I want to post about something that is very dear to my heart; violence against women. ➰ Last night at the @goldenglobes, @oprah accepted the Cecil B DeMille Lifetime Achievement Award, with one of the most powerful & moving acceptance speeches I have ever heard. Her speech has many celebs calling for her to run for the White House in 2020 🤣 And I think she so totally should! {I’ll post the link to the speech in my IG stories so you can watch it} ➰ In addressing victims of sexual abuse & misconduct & victims of the #metoo movement, Oprah noted that this is not a “Hollywood” issue but rather one that “transcends any culture, geography, race, religion, politics, or workplace”. ➰ As a young female attorney working in SA, I have experienced my fair share of non-subtle tries, put-downs & mansplaining to last a life time. Whilst I have never been a victim of direct abuse, I see it regularly in my profession & have personally felt discriminated against on the basis of my gender at least once. As professional women, we often have to work much harder, longer hours and take on greater responsibility just to gain the EQUAL respect of our peers, and oft-times, our male bosses. Well, Oprah is having none of this! ➰ @oprah continued: “So I want tonight to express gratitude to all the women who have endured years of abuse and assault because they, like my mother, had children to feed and bills to pay and dreams to pursue. They’re the women whose names we’ll never know. They are domestic workers and farm workers. They are working in factories and they work in restaurants and they’re in academia, engineering, medicine, and science. They’re part of the world of tech and politics and business...” ➰ Oprah ended her speech by calling for a new era, where domestic violence & sexual misconduct cease to exist, where women are the leaders & history makers, and “a time when nobody ever has to say “me too” again.” ➰ So here’s to being STRONG WOMEN in 2018!💛 May we KNOW them, LOVE them, & BE THEM!✨
WEEK 95 // FRIYAY 👙 This is what 18 months of hard work, sweat, tears, laughter, long days, heavy workouts, a clean nutritious diet (with many treat meals 😛), committing to a goal, and loving my body THROUGH EVERY SEASON, looks like ✨💗 Introducing my absolutely GORGEOUS @theashleygraham @swimsuitsforall high waisted bikini!!!! 🌿 Yesterday I realized a goal that I had set for myself last year January, and that was to be able to rock a high-waisted bikini for my summer vacation in 2018 💛 Well here I am, a year later, and +-30kgs lighter... I did it.... I actually FRIGGEN DID IT!!!! Yesterday morning I took my first walk on Plett beach SANS any form of body cover up (a wrap or shorts) and walked the ENTIRE length of central beach in just my bikini. I can’t even begin to describe to you how emotional I got. You know when you smile cry? That was me... The biggest smile with tears of joy streaming down my face! I was a mess. A beautiful mess 💗 I may not have the perfect “bikini body”. I have thick thighs and cellulite, but that’s ok 👌🏼 Cos for the first time in YEARS, I am happy with where I am right now. This journey is a JOURNEY. It’s about self-love every damn day ✨ ➰ Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do something! You are in complete control of your destiny 💗 Last year I set a goal for myself & I worked every single day to make my dream of rocking a bikini IN MORE THAN SIX YEARS, my destiny. It takes one commitment to change your life. It’s about re-committing to that goal every single day. It’s about closing yourself off to the clutter in your brain that tells you, you can’t do something. It’s about visualizing. It’s about dedication. It’s about passion. It’s about YOU choosing YOU every. single. day. ➰ If you have a goal, whether it is weight loss, weight gain, muscle gain, getting healthier, joining a new fitness class, or eating better, YOU CAN DO IT. If I can do this, anyone can 💗 ➰ Thank you to my coach @jackthesheriff for changing my life. This wouldn’t be possible without the backing of my STS family & guidance of a wonderful coach 🌿 And thank you @theashleygraham for inspiring a nation of women to love themselves no matter their size 👙
WEEK 95 // WEDNESDAY 💛 Today is the day!!!! @mediamandean and I are finally off to holiday in Plett!! If you are going to be in the area, come say hiiiii 👋🏼 . But before I go, let’s have a quick lil chat about staying healthy and fit through the holidays without compromising YOUR HOLIDAY 🙅🏽‍♀️ So initially before I went on leave I had all these plans to train twice a day bla bla bla and then I was like NO WAYS CHICKEN ✋🏼Sooo instead of killing myself during the one time I actually have time to relax and unwind during the year, I have instead committed to doing something active every single day, especially when the weather is good and I can’t bare to be indoors at the gym 🤣 One of my all time favourite things to do is ride bikes on the sea point promenade. I honestly don’t think life can get much better than doing exercise with breathtaking views and a cool sea breeze ✨ In Plett I’m aiming to run on the beach every morning with my man before we start the day. We have also planned some hikes in the Tsitsikama Nature Reserve and the Storms River bridge, which are two of my FAV places on earth 😍 . 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼 !!!!!!✨WE ALSO HAVE EXCITING NEWS✨!!!!!! Some of you have loved seeing snippets of @mediamandean on my account 🤣 Soooooo, we have decided to start a new account dedicated to all of our crazy, fun and entertaining adventures 💗 So if you guys are keen to see what we get up to, we’ll be reviewing and recommending awesome food and travel spots, as well as documenting our many adventures 💛 If you’re interested in this, then head over to @_travellingtwo and give us a follow 🤗😘
WEEK 95 // REFLECTION✨ On the first day of the new year, I always take a couple minutes to reflect on the past year & truly be grateful for all that has happened in my life 💗 Last year was a whirlwind of blessings and incredible opportunities 🙌🏼 There’s not a day that goes by where I don’t ask how FITNESSGIRL got to this point and I still have to pinch myself and ask if this is real life 💗 ~ So today I really just wanted to take a moment to share a post about GRATITUDE for all the amazing opportunities that this journey has afforded me ✨ Some of my 2017 highlights include: ▪️Working on a nation wide 7 week healthy living campaign with @woolworths_sa which lead to being interviewed on the @expressoshow and @5fm on @nickhammantime; ▫️ Another highlight was shooting a powerful female advert for @adidasza / @adidaswomen for their Sport has the Power to Change Lives campaign, and continuing to work with this amazing brand throughout the year; ▪️It was also so special to be recognized by so many South African publications throughout 2017 including @fatlossmag @youmagazinesa @fitlifemagsa @fitnessmagsa @flatwhitepics as well as being featured in @womenshealthmagsa 3 times and being named as one of their FitFluential women for 2018! ▫️Being asked to be the @wellnesswarehouse Magazine cover girl for Nov/Dec was a dream come true. I still cannot believe that that actually happened, & all because of one commitment to change my life. I truly feel so lucky to be part of the well-family! ▪️I have also been so lucky to be a brand ambassador for 4 brands incl. @sheriff_training_systems @fitkeysa @clearworldsa and @bodybywild. It’s humbling that such wonderful brands have partnered with me and supported my little journey! ▫️It has also been so special to be featured on fellow instagrammer’s blogs including @candibod @ilovefoodiesct @nutreats and @breaktheicetv - each one being so fantastic in their own right!! ~ Thank you to everyone who has supported me in 2017 💛 I hope to continue to inspire you with my journey and truly look forward to what’s in store for me in 2018 ✨ It’s time to set some new goals, because trust me, 2018 is going to be a GOODIE!! 💋
WEEK 94 // NEW YEAR🥂 2017 has been a year of immense growth for me, both in my personal and working life. I remember how I felt this time last year... I was nervous about my future in the legal world, whether or not I would make it as an attorney. I was also at a very uncomfortable and unhealthy weight and was just starting out on my transformation journey. . Fast forward 365 days, and I am sooo happy to say that I have achieved everything I set out to achieve this year. I am so blessed to now be an Associate at a prestigious family law firm in Cape Town, and I am considerably more comfortable in my own skin. I may not be at my desired “goal weight” just yet but I have also learnt that that’s OK!!! The year has thrown me many curve balls, but I have not let them de-rail me ☺️ Instead, they have shaped me into who I am today. . If there is one thing I said to myself this year, it’s that I would truly embrace my new maxim which is to LOVE MY BODY THROUGH EVERY SEASON ✨ So as I look forward to 2018, I am so hopeful of what the year will bring. I am excited for many many more opportunities and blessings to come from this commitment to change my life 💛 The horizon looks bright, and I am already visualizing the goals I have set for myself for 2018 ☺️ . And then to YOU all, this journey really wouldn’t be the same without you. THANK YOU for being part of my journey and for continuing to show me love and support every single day 🤗 Every single comment, DM, email and follow has meant more than you will ever know. I still can’t believe that so many of you have chosen to support my journey and in the process, have been inspired to start your own! That makes my heart so happy and so full of gratitude for this incredible platform 💗 . So as we move into 2018, I promise to continue keeping it real, showing you the good and the bad, the ups and the downs and the sharing the REAL side of a weight loss journey 💛 Wherever you are tonight, please be safe and responsible and have the most special New Years 🥂 HERE’S TO 2018 CHICKENS ✨ . 📸: @tegansmithphotography for @clearworldsa / @sanpellegrino_official
WEEK 94 // SATURDAY 🥞 Can it get any better than a brekkie date with these two gorgeous gals? 💗 Yesterday I invited @candibod and @sugarfreesundays over to our new apartment to break in our absolutely beautiful kitchen ✨They really did a stellar job and we ate the most delicious @bodybywild protein flapjacks topped with @buttanuttspreads, fresh @woolworths_sa raspberries (MY FAV!!), coconut flakes, and some sneaky bacon 🥓 😍 I'm not even lying when I say these bad boys filled me up until 5pm yesterday (even after my 5km walk home after our post brekkie suntanning mish!!!) 🙌🏼🙌🏼 . This journey has been an absolute rollercoaster 🎢 but I never ever thought that I would meet two girls through this platform who inspire and motivate me so much AND whom I now call my closest friends 💗 And even though we are all different ages (27, 26 and 22) it just shows you that age is just a number and it's your heart that truly matters most 💋 . {Friendship is not about who you have known the longest, it's about who walked into your life and said "I'm here for you" and proved it} ✨ #BossBabe #FitFam
WEEK 94 // FRIYAY ✨ If there is one thing I am so grateful for, it's the incredible community of women I have found through this platform 💗 I am so proud of the women I have connected with through @instagram. There are women whom I have never met, that I speak to daily, and then there are other women whom I have been lucky enough to develop strong friendships with too 💋 But the most wonderful thing has been seeing so much love and fellow women empowerment that goes on in this community. I have personally never been broken down on social media by another women, and no one has ever made me feel any less. I really do believe you get what you give and I have always tried to uplift ✨ As women, we tend to compare ourselves to each other, sometimes becoming obsessed with each other, and what the other is doing on social media. I have DEFINITELY fallen into that trap before, but for much of this year, I have rather made the choice to CELEBRATE my female friends and their achievements in life rather than be jealous or unsupportive. And trust me, it's so much easier to love one another than to hate on each other. So if you are someone that finds herself constantly comparing herself to her friends or people on social media, DONT!! Let's decide NOW to leave all of that in 2017 gals!!! 🙅🏼 Let's start CHEERING for our gals, instead of finding a reason to be jelly 😝 On that note, I've just had a BOSS girlie brekkie with two of my best gal friends to come out of my @instagram journey, my special @candibod & @sugarfreesundays 💛
WEEK 94 // THURSDAY 🥗 Helloooo Fam!!! I have been having the BEST holiday so far 💛 A couple days ago I finally got to have a loooong overdue girlie date with my @candibod and we had the most INCREDIBLE salads from @saladbae_xo at the @themojomarket 😍✨ {I actually enjoyed this salad sooo much that I went back the very next day and ordered the exact same thing 🤣} This week I've really tried to find the balance between sticking to diet and exercise and also enjoying my holiday. But I'm super proud that I've definitely made the "healthy" choices when I've been out this week 💗 I was going to try push for double training sessions this week "because I have the time now" and then I realized that that's just lame 🙅🏼 (and also not really in my plan 🤣) and that I should rather just commit to training in the morning and then doing something active outdoors in the pm ✨ So after lunch, Cands and I went for a lovely walk on the sea point promenade 🏃🏽‍♀️Yesterday morning I trained and then hired some @upcycles bicycles and went for an incredible cycle with some friends too 🚴🏼‍♀️ . Today I'm having a well-deserved Tracey-day and I'm having my HAIR DID RN!!! I'm doing something kinda different so I'm very excited to show you all a little later 💋💇🏽 #YOLO
WEEK 94 // TRANSFORMATION TUESDAY 🦋 **Long Post Ahead** Let's chat about achiev-ABLE GOALS!! I went back and forth today over whether or not to post this photo... 🤷🏽‍♀️ Lately I've been feeling a little down because I had set a goal for myself at the beginning of the year to be a certain weight and fit into certain clothes by the end of year, and truthfully, I'm a little off where I wanted to be 👎🏼 But then I went for lunch and a lovely walk with my gal @candibod today and things just kind of fell into perspective for me... SO WHAT if I'm 10kgs off what that goal was? ✨LOOK AT THESE PHOTOS TRACE ✨ There are 14 months and 30kgs between these two (you'll remember the photo on the left from about a month into starting my journey). The moral of the story? It's only when we face our progress head on, when we are forced to actually sit back and appreciate the hard work, to COMPARE a years progress, that we truly see how far we have come 💗 Today I had to really catch a wake up call... I had to stop being disappointed in what I thought were "wasted weeks". For they are NOT wasted!!! I know now, that I am right where I am supposed to be on this journey 🤗 And I have THEE BEST feeling about 2018 and the year ahead and I have absolutely no doubt in my mind about where I will be this time next year 💛 . So if you're in a position where for some reason you didn't quite make that "goal" you had set for yourself, and now it's year end and your feeling all crappy, I'm here to tell you to STAPP ✋🏼 It does absolutely NOTHING to dwell on things you cannot change. Instead, refocus that energy on setting new goals that are achievABLE & not simply goals that you set out to achieve. I had this plan that I was going to achieve a 10kgs loss between October and December this year "for Plett", but that was simply not achievABLE 🙅🏽 Remember that the goals we set for ourselves need to be REALISTIC goals. Goals that don't overwhelm you, or set you up for disappointment. So no, I didn't necessarily meet my goals BUT does that mean I've failed? ABSOLUTELY NOT!! Because I'm still going to rock my high waisted bikini this summer and I'm going to feel FAB AF doing so 👙 #SelfLove ✌🏼
WEEK 94 // TUESDAY 🏋🏼‍♀️ I cannot tell you how amaaaazing it feels to FINALLY be on HOLIDAY with the rest of the hooman population! Haha!! And I had the BEST start to my day with these fellow #SheriffVixen chickens at @virginactivesa Point this morning 💗 My shoulders are probably going to be dead tomorrow 😅 but it felt so amazing to FINALLY be back in the gym after my last week of being a no-show 🙈 Thank you to my girls and fellow #TeamSTS teammates @moniquehopley @fitchristelles and @jomare_harris for taking me through one heck of a workout!!! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 I am so grateful to be part of such an incredible coaching stable like @sheriff_training_systems, to be guided and supported by my coach @jackthesheriff and fellow ambassadors such as these three angels 💗 Cheers to being on holiday and cheers to many more sessions in the ZONE ✨🏋🏼‍♀️ ✖️Coached by @jackthesheriff ✖️Powered by @sheriff_training_systems www.sherifftraining.co.za
WEEK 93 // HOLIDAYS 🎄 Oh my goodness!!! It feels AMAAAAZINNG to finally be on holiday!!!! I have been counting down the days to this holiday, more so than last year, just because of how intense these last couple weeks have been for me 😅 But I am finally FREEEEEE!!!! And what better way to kick start the festive season than with this beautiful festive Eggs Benedict dish from @bootleggercoffeecompany which is literally 3 seconds from my apartment (I mean, yaaaaasssss) 😍 I cannot wait to finally start relaxing and winding down. It really had been a phenomenal year 💛
WEEK 93 // THURSDAY ☀️ UPDATE: I'm ALIVE!!! I promise 🤣🤣 Woweeee what a whirlwind of a week it has been! If you have kept up to date with my IG stories this week you will have seen that I have been chasing a MASSIVE deadline at work and not leaving the office before 8pm every night this week 😅 With it being the last week of the working year for me, everything is urgent and the stress is at an all time high 🤓 . Buuuut there are only TWO more days before I am on leave for 3 WEEKS! Gosh, it doesn't even feel real!! I cannot tell you how excited I am to get back into an exercise routine again 🏋🏼‍♀️, to try some new fitness classes on my @fitkeysa app, and READ some of the incredible books you guys have suggested for me (see IG stories) 💗 For the second half of my holiday, I'll be lounging around on Plett beach from the beginning of January ☀️🌊 Some of you may remember that it was a goal of mine to be able to rock an @theashleygraham @swimsuitsforall high waisted bikini 👙for Plett this year. I bought three swimsuits for this holiday, and I cannot wait to show you 💗 If I can manage to feel confident rocking them this year, then I know I will have reached the goal I had set for myself last year 👏🏼🤓 . Lastly, I'll definitely be taking my @clearworldsa @sanpellegrino_official water and refreshing fruit beverages along with me this holiday to keep me refreshed and hydrated this summer 💧🍏 COUNTING THE HOURS UNTIL HOLIDAYS PEEPS 💛 📷: @tegansmithphotography 👗: @woolworths_sa
WEEK 92 // SUNDAY 💛 Some Sunday real talk comin to ya'll below 👇🏼👇🏼 ~ I totally love this quote! When I was toying with the decision to start this account, I was plagued with so much anxiety... ▪️What if I couldn't do it for more than 3 months... ▫️What if I gained back all my weight after making such a public decision... ▪️What if people were mean and nasty to me online and ridiculed my body.... ▫️What if I just couldn't commit to it after a while... ▪️What if I couldn't balance the training and diet commitments with my demanding career... ▫️What if I set goals I couldn't stick to.... ▪️What if.... I failed... ▫️What.... if... . STAP ✋🏼 If you've said any of the above to yourself at any point in your life, I'm here to tell you to stop. Stop being afraid to fail, and rather get excited to just, TRY 😊 There were so many days leading up to my decision to change my life, where I was so scared of failing but my fear of not at least trying, overcame my fear of failing. And I am so glad it did... Here I am, 16 months later, having lost a fair amount of weight and being blessed with so much from this journey. And to think that all of this may not have even happened, had I not decided to just... TRY!! ~ So this is your Sunday evening reminder to just GO FOR IT. One of my all time favourite quotes is by the famous American baseball player, Babe Ruth, and is one that I live each and every day by. He famously said: "Never let the fear of striking out, keep you from playing the game" 🙌🏼💛 Don't let your fears prevent you from doing the things you want to do. The fear of failure should NEVER be the thing that precludes you from reaching a dream 👣 ~ Was I scared to begin this journey so publicly? HELLS YEAH!! Am I glad that I chose to share this journey so openly with you all even considering how vulnerable it makes me? HELLS YEAH!!!!! Being able to share this journey with all of you has been the biggest blessing in my life. Being able to inspire and be inspired and be encouraged on the daily by all of you, is something I will treasure forever 💗 So whatever you want to do, just DO IT!!! Do it with passion, and do it fearlessly 👏🏼 Lots of love Fam 🤗