Just remember that everyone is fighting a battle or going through something you know NOTHING about! Stay kind to one another πŸ’™
We are a little late with posting this BUT our handsome little munchkin is now 5 months old as of yesterday!!! πŸ”ΉHe has developed quite the personality! πŸ”ΉNever stops smiling πŸ”ΉTalks alllll day long πŸ”ΉSleeps through the night πŸ”ΉLoves playing with toys and putting them in his mouth πŸ”ΉKeeps trying to sit up on his own as you can see here but quickly falls over....we’re working on it! πŸ”ΉNot a huge fan of rolling over (as he’s only done it a handful of times 🀣) but we do like to put our head up during tummy time and watch tv or the ceiling fan! πŸ”ΉLoves to stand up while mom and dad hold my arms πŸ”ΉWeighs around 12lbs and is 24 in Long!! Long and lean y’all! πŸ”ΉStarted cereal and really LOVES it! Oh little boy I knew these pictures would get harder to do lol...we love you so unbelievably much! It’s hard to believe you have only been in our lives this long and I can’t believe how fast you ar growing!! Can’t wait to see what this month brings and to celebrate your first Christmas! #slowdown #keepthemlittleplease #mylittleboy #mommysboy #5monthsold #nicugrad #loveofmylife #preemie #iugrbaby
Blessed πŸ™ŒπŸΌ
Out for another photog session in this beautiful fall weather! Love that my business allows me to have the free time to fulfill my passion! πŸ“Έ if your in the Tennessee area hit me up for a session! 😘
God knew my heart needed you πŸ’™
Don’t let time just pass by! Life is precious, your life matters! You matter!! Seize the moment and do something that will help you do what you WANT to do, not what you have to do! πŸ’• #saturdaymojo
Sometimes you just eat the donut 🍩
So excited to try this! Has anyone tried it before?? What were some meals you liked? #hellofresh
I could have made every single excuse out there not to do it. πŸ‘‡πŸ½ -I’m not a sales person -I don’t have the time -I’m exhausted from being a mom -People will make fun of me or judge me or tell me no. πŸ‘†πŸΌ So the f*ck what. If I wouldn’t have took a leap of faith, took control of how I wanted to spend my time while making an income this, this wouldn’t be possible. I wouldn’t get to spend my days with these two. This melts my heart times 1000 and these are times, while he’s little, I’ll never get back. So Thank you ItWorks for allowing me to be there, for every memory, every milestone and to give my son consistency in this coaching lifestyle. I love my boys πŸ’œπŸ’›
Daddy’s little Assistant Coach is ready for game day and homecoming! ...after naptime of course #goeagles #wingsup Thank you @jfundermann for the awesome shirt!!
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Stop holding yourself back and speaking the I can’t into your world! Believe in yourself, you got this πŸ˜‰
Happy 4 months old to our fiesty, quite expressive chunky hunk! 😍 We are tipping the scales well over 10lbs now! Leaped outta newborn clothing We love talking, smiling and yelling throughout the whole house He LOVES to suck on his hands and play with his toys We can also hold our head up and play during tummy time And we can sit up with help!! Man he is growing like crazy and becoming so much fun!! Can’t wait to see what this month has to hold as we fly home for the holidays! #chunkyisthenewhunky
Tonight was sooo much fun! Our little puppy had a blast going to the church fall festival with his girl friends and than over to daddy’s work where they made a haunted house for the kiddos! The coaches wives and I also dressed up as our coaches and surprised them πŸ˜‚ Safe to say it was the best 1st Halloween ever!