There is nothing like a beautiful winter day. From flip flop weather on the 15th to winter wonderland today. 😊❄️
Happy 50th Birthday, @lilomcd !!! 🎉🎉We hope you are having the most amazing vacation. 🌴☀️Have a wonderful, wonderful day, Onnie. ❤️Monique & Todd
Do you have SAD (seasonal affective disorder, aka, winter blues)?😢❄️ #Serotonin is our happy, feel good hormone that our body produces naturally. A little known fact that you may not know is that the majority of serotonin is actually produced in the gut!! #90+% 😳 Your gut isn’t called “the second brain” by accident. Your #physical, #mental, and #emotional health all stem from the gut. 👌 I share about #guthealth because I believe that not only should everyone be on high quality probiotics, but I know (from the proven clinical studies) that the state of your gut health will affect your overall wellness.❤️ Don’t you want a gut (and body) that promote happiness? #ido #happyandhealthy #byebyewinterblues #balancedisbest #gutfeeling #mentalhealth #happygut #happyyou
Great friends, good food, and some Christmas cheer=happy heart and a wonderful evening. 😊🎄❤️
What is #residualincome? Most people either do not truly understand the amazing concept, or they have not heard of it. Think of it this way. If you go into hibernation for 6 months, 😴😴 while you are in hibernation, you will keep earning income. 😳When you come out of hibernation, you will be earning more income than when you first went into hibernation. 😀This is because you have a team with you and while you are sleeping, your team is still working, and they are also creating personal residual income. You have customers who are still ordering every month because they choose to be healthy. When I went to Australia for three weeks, the month when my company introduced a brand new computer system, I had my fears that my income would backslide. This same fear is also shared by people who have to take time off of work in times of crisis or illness. 😢This can very easily lead to financial disaster, but when you have residual income, the worry does not exist. I am very happy and blessed to say that while in Australia, my amazing team was growing, and I continued to earn an income. 👌🐬☀️Everyone should work for residual income. It’s a beautiful thing. 💖 #residualincome #itsabeautifulthing #bossbabe #entrepreneur #mlm #bestjobever #lovemyjob #workfromhome #hopedealer #passion #healthyandhappy
These girls committed to making a gingerbread house from scratch this year. This labor of love took a few days to complete, a sugar high or two, and lots of inspiration and giggles. It is so wonderful when the kids are home from university. 💖💖 It makes my heart happy. #adorable #somuchfun #sweetfriends #gingerbreadhouse
If you had a rock in your shoe, would you take pain reliever every day for the pain it was causing. . . or just take the rock out of your shoe that was causing the pain?! Seems logical, right?! 🤔 The symptoms/health issues/weight struggles we experience are our bodies telling us that something is out of whack. Instead of masking things and just treating symptoms short term, get to the ROOT of the issue and get rid of it! Getting to the ROOT feels so liberating & will change everything !! Stop putting bandaids on broken bones! 💯👌 I am so thankful every single day that I get to help people get to the root of their issues by offering up a simple natural solution.! So many lives have been changed all because they addressed their gut health, inflammation & blood sugar! I LOVE BEING A PART OF A LIFE CHANGING BUSINESS WHERE PEOPLE SAY “BECAUSE OF YOU I GOT MY LIFE BACK”. ❤️❤️❤️ #lovehealthandhappiness #thegreatestgifts #healthiswealth #alldiseasevbeginsinthegut #allhealthbeginsinthegut #guthealthisimportant #australia #tree #amazingroots #gettotherootcauseofdisease
⭐️I have a ton of friends, young and old affected by #celiacdisease and #glutenintolerance. It has drastically impacted so many people’s lives, this story is yet another reason I do what I do....and why I believe so passionately in the amazing gifts gut health provides.⭐️ Plexus is not meant to diagnose, cure, prevent or treat any disease. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. A picture is worth a thousand words. Helen McFadden shares about her son's Plexus journey: "This is the first time ever I have shared Jonah's testimony. This picture brings out many emotions in me. Jonah was diagnosed with Celiac disease 2 weeks after I joined Plexus in Sept of 2012. After several years of waiting for him to hit his growth spurt and it wasn't happening, almost daily headaches and stomach aches about 2-3 times a week, we knew something was very wrong. I look back on the pictures now and see how severely malnourished he was. We immediately went gluten-free as a family to avoid cross-contamination while cooking, and I put Jonah on the Tri-Plex a couple of months later. He has been consistent with the Slim, the Bio-Cleanse, and the Probio5. We added the X-Factor when it launched the following summer. I am sharing his testimony to show how healthy he looks (and is!) and even with some cross contamination that we know is inevitable when we eat out, Jonah doesn't ever get stomach aches and rarely gets a headache anymore. People read the Slim name and wouldn't dream of putting their 79 lb teenage son on it, but I knew it would help balance him from the inside out. The Bio-Cleanse and the ProBio5 have improved his gut health. I truly believe the pink drink combined with all our other products he has used, have made such a positive difference! He accidentally had a 1/2 a cookie that wasn't gluten-free at his camp last week, and didn't get one symptom! Praise God!" #healthandhappiness #healthykids #healthyfamily #guthealth #whatifthiscouldchangeeverything
Can you remember what you "really wanted" for Christmas last year? 🤔Yeah, me neither. Our wish lists come and go. The "in" toy or gadget or shoe or purse or accessory that is so "hot" this year will be old news next year.🙄 But my health will never be old news. It will never be out of style. It will never come and go. It's part of my story. It's a crucial part of my life, and when I take the time (and money) to invest in it, I can see major changes that can last until next Christmas and way beyond. 🙌🏼 Guess what- You are worth it too!!! If you would like to take advantage of my holiday incentive, 🎄😊 I would love to share the details with you!!!! ❤️💚🎄💚❤️ #DontWaitTilJanuary #GetHealthyDuringTheHolidays #expiressoon #healthiswealth #privatemessagefordetails
This is me. I have found my passion. 🙌🏻 I have helped many people to experience amazing changes to their health. 💖 I have helped people sleep at night instead of laying awake stressed about what tomorrow will bring. 😕 Think about this... An extra $200 a month could be the difference in having to decide on paying a power bill or putting dinner on the table this month.🍔 An extra $500 a month could be the difference in being able to make a car payment.🚗 An extra $1,000 a month could be the difference in deciding whether a mom wants to continue working, or stay home with her children.👩‍👧‍👧 An extra $10,000 a month could be the difference in .........?!?!🤑 The list is truly endless. I will continue to help people smile instead of worry. I will continue to help people enjoy life. This is why I do what I do because it is real. It has changed lives and it will continue to! I feel so blessed to do what I do. ✨ I am fulfilled and my heart is aligned with my passion to help people. 💗 #goodmorning #happymonday #thankful #healthy #helpingothers #mypassion #lovemyjob
What’s up with this amazing weather? 💖🌞Todd is skating in his shorts, and it is +14C on Dec 10th!!! #weatherlove
We said that we weren’t buying food items this year at the Festival of Crafts. 😂😂😂 #weonlyboughtfood #again
Did you know that #probiotics are a great travel companion?🤓 Maintaining or even increasing your dosage while traveling can help keep your microbiome (gut) healthy and happy. 😊If you keep taking them while traveling, they will offer more effective protection.👌 Did I bring my along to Australia?? 🇦🇺Absolutely!!😊 Planes are breeding grounds for germs; combine that with lack of sleep, travel stress, and dealing with a huge time change, and our body can quickly get run down and be more prone to a virus. 🤒🤧Anyone ever catch a cold after being on a plane?🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️ This was our first time ever to leave the continent - a trip of a lifetime. There was no time to be losing a few days to illness. Studies have shown that can prevent and treat the common cold, along with preventing stomach distress from changes in local cuisine. We had a lot of territory to cover, and the days were action packed. #notimetobesick About 2/3 of our immunity comes from our gut, so it just makes sense to keep it as healthy as possible. #nevermissaday I actually have not had a cold in over two and a half years. 🙌🙌 This is only ONE of the numerous benefits that I have had since focusing on clean eating and supplementation. 👍🎉🥗🍏 #healthyandhappy #travel #guthealth #immunity #digestion #regularity #amazingsleep #energy #mentalclarity #happy #hormonebalance #consistencyiskey #cleaneating #healthychoices
Tonight’s dinner was inspired by....Mariah!! It is so good having her home. ❤️We did our best to consistently eat healthy while on vacation, but we aren’t perfect. I’m all about the 80/20 rule. That darn 20%. 😜🍔🍺Now that we are home, it is great to get back on the clean eating train again (and to have our little chef to cook for us). • • • #eathealthy #consistencyiskey #slowcookermeals #chicken #asparagus #sweetpotatoefries #homemade #ovenroasted #glutenfree #dairyfree #nightshadefree #mondaydinner #healthandfitness #cleaneating #healthyandhappy #winnerwinnerchickendinner
This picture is 2 teaspoons of yeast and 1 tablespoon of sugar. Just imagine that happening inside your body!! 😱 Your intestines have a little bit of yeast called #Candida, because you need it to decompose your body when you die!! #truthbomb 😲😲 The problem is, Candida is like any other FEEDS on SUGAR!! 🍺🍞🍦🍫🍮🍪🍜🍟🥐🥞🍬 Since we love sugar, guess what happens to Candida in our body?! #bingo It grows out of control, just like the bread yeast does when we add sugar to it!! It attaches to #muscles, #joints and other #tissues, causing #inflammation. Since its original job is to decompose your body, guess what it does when it gets out of control and grows elsewhere? 🤔😵 It starts to decompose things on the inside! Hence, we suffer with things like... • skin problems • sugar cravings • carb cravings • sleep issues • reduced nutrient absorption • attention issues/brain fog • depression/anxiety • mood swings • lack of energy • frequent infections • bloating and gas • systematic • inability to lose weight Candida has the ability to penetrate EVERY single cell in your body, with the exception of tooth enamel.😳 You've never heard of anyone not decomposing, right? EVERYONE needs to manage their candida.... It's that simple. #lifechanging