*Designer tip - a fireplace doesn't have to be functional to be fun. In this case chalkboard paint provides a clever backdrop for writing cute messages or drawing playful pictures. Placing candles or birch logs in front of a non-functioning fireplace is another great option. To add more to the Christmas flavour add stockings & candies as per your color ! How do you like to decorate your mantle during Christmas?
No area gets more attention when it comes to decorating for Christmas than the fireplace mantel. It's the focal point of any room, so if you've got one make the most of it.To make your mantel fresh and fun add the playful candy decorations and adorable stockings. The large wreath draws the eye upward and provides the perfect finishing touch. Remember that when people enter this room the mantel is what their eyes will automatically be drawn to. So don't just toss a few items up there and hope for the best. Consider balance, scale, theme, and of course, color. What else do you use to decorate your mantle? Please share in the comments.
Designer’s tip to decorate your entryway: You don't want so much that the foyer becomes crowded, but a couple of additions like wreaths, ornaments, and even a throw in your holiday color palette can do the trick. Remember that while you want it to be festive, it also needs to be functional. Don't clutter up tables with too many decorations, and don't take up valuable floor space that could end up being tripping hazards.
The entryway is the first thing people see when they visit your home. It's also the first thing you and your family see when you come home. So don't forget to make it welcoming and festive by adding a little holiday flair.
Color evokes strong emotions in people and the colors chosen for a Christmas color scheme might be more important than the items chosen for decorations. If you have seen a beautiful fabric that would be spectacular in the center of your dining room table, draw your Christmas colors from the fabric design. Bring the hues into all the rooms for a unified look. What is your color scheme for Christmas decoration this year?
Quarter sawn oak crown moulding for our on going project. This design gives the kitchen a contemporary look. What is your opinion regarding this custom designed cabinet?
This winter you can make your bedroom more cozy by adding a little color to it, be it a chair or wall art or wall paper!
This color is trending this season, where else would you use this palette other than mudroom? Any thought about barn doors?
To maintain a flow of similar color scheme inspired by a painting. Did you choose your painting yet? Let us know what would be your ideal color scheme for your living room.
Throw back to our renovation project in Okotoks where we took inspiration for color palette from the homeowner’s beautiful painting of mountains. The colors gave an excellent charm to each corner of the the entire house!
We are moving away from mass produced items and into seeing more things with their flaws this season. Live edge is used in our projects as counter top & table. Where would you use such a beautiful thing in your house?
Think handmade pottery, handsewn linens, and handcarved furniture so that the material and the artist’s unique characteristics show through. Time to hit up craft markets and art fairs this holiday season to stock up on decor for the new year!
Color scheme for creating a sophisticated space. You can never go wrong with this palette , its our all time favourite ! Be it kitchen , mudroom, laundry room or just foyer.
Idea board of monochrome accessible bathroom. The materials used here gives the space a modern & chic look. Please share your opinions.
Simply gorgeous mudroom idea in light blue with a comfortable bench. What are must-haves in your mudroom? Please let us know in the comment box below.
Here’s an example of traditionally modern laundry room full of amenities but also slick style and functionality. Its clean ,its organized and as chic as you can get! What is your opinion of this laundry room?
Heard a lot about Festool @westerncanadafestool capabilities are...seeing the mitres and saw cuts ridiculously clean on this beautiful mantel build, makes this a pretty convincing tool to consider!