Spottet these 3 gringos in my gym yesterday completely made my day 😂😂😭👌
Casually coming home after a great arm day😇💪 might post a video of one of the exercises later😝💪 #armday #fitness
Here's a little trick you can use if the weights at your gym isn't heavy enough. Grab a pair of rubber bands and put some extra plates on the sides! Hope you're having a great day today😎💪 #fit #fitness #bodybuilding
1% BODYFAT😱✋️ Found This crazy video of a bodybuilder with insanely low body-fat.. Tag a friend who NEEDS to see this video. Feel free to follow me and turn on post notifications ↗️❤️
#throwbacktuesday here is a quick throwback from the time I was in Florida and tried to shoot REAL guns for the first time, gives a crazy rush😝😂😏 I'm pretty sure the gun in the picture is an AUG but what do I know, hope you have an awesome day and staying productive💪😎 MAKE SURE TO FOLLOW MY ACCOUNT AND TURN ON THE POSTSNOTIFICATIONS🔥🔥↗️
What kind of protein should you take? #wheyprotein or #caseinprotein Both of the proteins has its place. The short version is to take whey protein preferably around workout time, so that is pre-, during, or immediately post-workout The short version of casein protein is to take it preferably with meals as a protein supplement and before bedtime. Some of the benefits of Wheyprotein is: - It increases protein synthesis - it has fast absorption - it enhances immune function and antioxidant activity. Some of the benefits of casein protein is: - slow to digest - contains dairy calcium(important for bone health) - appear to be anti catabolic due to it clots in the stomach. #themoreyouknow #followme4more
What is life? But cardio kills your gains right?😂🤷‍♂️ TURN ON POST NOTIFICATIONS❤️💪
I know this one is in Danish but basically it's a dopingtest, from the danish association of anti doping. For some reason my physique looks like I might be using steroids so of course I was tested. These are the results as you can see the result is negative. Aka I am clean, nothing against my juicing brothers out there though. Keep doing you!💪💉👍
Big shoutout to Phil heath, 7 times Mr Olympia! Barely won over Big ramy but He brought it home! 💪 @philheath #teamheath
More than a year since last post had a huge break hope you guys still is sort of loyal 😂💪
Some quick and delicious breakfast. • 2 whole eggs • 2 bananas • Some bread • Some cheese • A quick snack
Too be honest I'm not the type of person to post 3 pages long motivational speeches so I will make it briefly. JUST DO IT!
Sooo true😂😂🙌
Today I will be trying out for the second time! I will measure my arms before and after the workout. Hope you all have an amazing weekend! #FlexFriday
3rd meal of the day! 6 eggs 50g of cheese Some spicy stuff to confuse the body @1dayumay
Exercising, training and working out is NOT just a thing in my life to make my body better it also helps me be happier and more confident. Long story short training is therapy❤️ Let me know how YOU feel about training down below.
4 meal of the day, just some quick oats, 3 eggs and greek yoghurt. Tasty as faaaahk give it a try! Oh and of course bcaa's in the drink.