pop goes the weasel. 90%+ off markdown at Coles Supermarket Broadmeadows near Kangan TAFE. They all have to go to the items that expires tomorrow otherwise they will dump it in the trash. Record 2nd highest markdown out of any other Coles across the Melbourne area just hitting above 90% off. 1st highest is Footscray where 96% off was the record. #colessupermarket #colessupermarkets #broadmeadows #colesbroadmeadows #coles #markdown #dairy #broadmeadowsshoppingcentre #broadmeadowscentral #quicksale
Final dairy post. Full buckets of Markdown yesterday bought into that results because most Coles Supermarkets missed yesterday's markdowns. 90% off showing the 58 cents was at Glenroy and 85% off showing the 62 cents was at Braybrook. I've got most of them after 10pm last night and there were still plenty more that not marked down which if not purchase would be thrown away in the bins. #coles #colessupermarkets #colessupermarket #markdown #dairy
Coles Markdown Monitor Report Sheet Braybrook