【Milch Cheesecake in Taiwan】 Congratulations to Milch Japan/Taiwan team for the opening of the 1st Taiwan shop at Mitsukoshi Taiwan. It's Milch Japan's 2nd asian territory expansion after the very successful Thailand expansion (SIAM PARAGON/MEGA BANGNA/DON MUANG AIRPORT/MALL BANGKAPI) #thailandjapanfriendship #milch
【Sanamluang Music Playtime SS4】 Sanamluang Music Playtime SS4 TV appearance & Event (Nov 4) have been fixed. MC for part of the TV & Event, and 2 Song performance. More details will come out from the organizer at beginning of october desu. And here's how the music preparations look like for the coming 2 months until CAT EXPO. Need all the support from TEAM JAN CHAN for all the planning, production, practice for the coming 2 months desu. #janchan #teamjanchan #thailandjapanfriendship #janxsong
【Jan Chan Songs Updates】 ●2nd Single (LANLA) Lyric Video Completed. Base artwork drawn by Jan Chan. https://youtu.be/r4j6H-f9j8Y ●3rd and 4th Single's will be released during CAT EXPO period (released in 2 consective weeks). Both is original song written for Jan Chan. 4th single will be released in both English and Thai Lyrics (2 Versions). ●CAT CODE song (cover of BOY TRAI san's song), is under further collaboration discussion. ●(Change of plans) As the LANLA Lyric Video is very kawaii (Jan Chan like it very much) , and we have quite a lot of preparation for 3rd, 4th singles, we will NOT produce LANLA MV. But instead, 3rd Single MV, and 4th Single Lyric Video will both be released during the CAT EXPO period. Many professionals including @tomo_hirata @hollyterrens @nansathida is working with Jan Chan to prepare a great Solo artistic performance for CAT EXPO desu. Thank you for the GO-EN (Special Relationship) #janchan #teamjanchan #thailandjapanfriendship (and ofcourse Australia)
【1st Solo Photobook Launch Event】 Will be held at SFW @Central World, Oct 27. Organized by GROWNUPGOJAPAN. Jan Chan will join the event. (For details, please contact GROWNUPGOJAPAN) Auction revenue from Photobook goods, currently organized by GROWNUP will be handed to Sorachi (Hokkaido) Government by GROWNUP and used in the proper way to restore the beautiful sceneries of Hokkaido. #grownupgojapan #thailandjapanfriendship #hokkaido #janchan #teamjanchan
【Official Message of Hokkaido Government】 As Jan Chan is the Hokkaido Smile Ambassador (Travel Ambassador), the Hokkaido Government have asked to deliver the following message. Jan Chan is planning to visit Hokkaido government in October to deliver the donation that is being collected from the Revenue of Honda Super Cub Line Stamp sales. Jan Chan would also be appearing in events related to Hokkaido in October and November in Bangkok to promote that Hokkaido is safe and well. #janchan #hokkaido #thailandjapanfriendship
Think out of the Box. “this is normally the way to do it in Japan, in Thailand” would not create anything new. Don't follow a road, do make a new road. Picture Cr: Beverly Ryle
Following the progress of dearmoonproject. (Maezawa san and Space X initiative to send 8 artists to orbit around the moon in 2023). don’t know whether this project will succeed or not, but a reminder to always try to think out of the box.
【McQUEEN】 Jan Chan will be joining the movie premiere on Sep 24 (Monday)8pm. No performance is planned for Jan Chan. #janchan
【22nd Event at ISETAN:Happi Happy Isetan Tan Tan】 22nd Event will feature ●【HAPPI】 (法被:Traditional jacket worn in Japan during festival, and also by traditional craftmen during working) made by JanChan Fanclub and ISETAN.(I think it's very rare for ISETAN to do direct product collaboration with Talent's Fanclub) ●【EMA】(絵馬:Wooden board which people write their wish and hang in Temples) also designed by JanChan fan (Blubox san). The EMA with everyone's wishes written on it, will be brought to HANAZONO-Jinja (http://www.hanazono-jinja.or.jp/mt/cms/webdir/index.html)  in Shinjuku with hanging ceremony participated by Jan Chan. HANAZONO-Jinja is famous for business and entertainment prosperity wishers. For more detail of the event please see ISETAN FB. https://web.facebook.com/IsetanThailand/ #janchan #teamjanchan #thailandjapanfriendship #goodvibes #isetanthailand