Typical Caturday! Actually... typically any day... 🙄😬❤️
B-B-B-Bernie! ❤️ Good morning fellow demons... I'm ready to be a naughty kitten! 👻
When it's cold and you need snuggles... Bernie loves being a purrito! ❤️
The three, sleepy B's! 😴😴😴
Sunday is for snoozing and holiday movies! ❤️
Benjamin: "Let me by!" Beatrice: "You shall not pass!" 😂😂😂
Welcome to the fam Bernard... AKA Bernie! ❤️ The fam's complete! 🙆🏼
Just being handsome! 🕺🏼🌝
My bro, Mr. B, is lecturing mum about leaving us... #dramaqueen
Mum is home from vacay! She bought me a bandana! #love 😻
Saturday Caturday! Catchin' up on some ZZZ's... Meowerzzzzz! 😴
The look I give mum when she leaves me for a vacay... 😳😳 I don't like my babysitter... 😬
When mum brings cat grass... I go meowzers!!! 🙀😻😻😻