I’ve always been fascinated by anthropology, so imagine my happiness as I’m gazing upon these Pre-Colombian Taino petroglyphs by this spring-fed waterfall 😍 #goprohero6
“Me, me, me, me—don't you ever get tired of thinking about your dope, greedy, small self?” #goprohero6
St. John is a dreamland for the adventurous spirit. I’m not the strongest swimmer, but after hiking a mile along the pebble beach to Leinster’s Point, we swam against some stronger currents all the way to Waterlemon Cay (the little Cay straight ahead of E in the photo)! It was by far the best snorkeling I experienced. Then we giggled, spotted hurricane wrecks, and collected shells as we hiked back to Annaberg Historic District in the rain, soaking wet but thrilled. #goprohero6
I was blessed to grow up with a mom who fiercely empowered and supported me. She instilled me with confidence to go after whatever I set my mind to and relentlessly rooted for me every step of the way. Struggling often with perfectionism, she taught me to shoot for improvement and progression when I missed my mark. My momma is my hero. May we all accept and empower one another to reach our fullest potential and wildest dreams 💕
Today, @handbuiltwheels kicked my butt on a bike ride. Wishing I could be resting my legs on this beach again...
Dat ass tho... Don’t get so hung up on the destination enjoy what you find along the way 🐴
In case you want to watch me freefall from 13,000 ft in the air... here’s a clip from my dive on April 21st. Needless to say, it was a blast! Anyone who wants to join @alliefunky and I for an 18,000 ft jump, hit me up!
Already wishing I could be back 💕
To never letting anyone extinguish your fire 🔥
No make up, no filter, and I’m not ashamed to say I still feel beautiful! It took me a long time to feel comfortable in my own skin, especially being a first generation, 100% Armenian raised around white beauty standards. I remember growing up hating my super curvy hips and bubble butt... that is until Kim K made it an international beauty standard. I despised my more prominent nose, my “bug eyes”, my ears, my petiteness... and so many things. I did a lot to try to change these things. Some of those things have since come back to haunt me...Reminders of the damage I had done in a feeble attempt to attain an unrealistic beauty standard... Reminders to cherish this temple I call my body. As I matured, these things became less important, and I began to realize that regardless of what is on the exterior, your inner light and beauty will always shine through. Now, I’m happy to say that I place a greater importance on inner growth and development than on modifying my appearance to meet some arbitrary standard of beauty that will probably change another dozen times in my lifetime. If you focus on your inner growth and happiness, everything else will just fall into place. I think we’ve come along way as a society, and I can certainly say that I’ve come a long way as an individual on my journey to self love however, I hope the day will come when we as a society celebrate inner beauty and place a greater value on it than mere appearances. PS since haters are inevitable - yes I get my brows micro-bladed for additional fullness. No, it’s not makeup, and I did it for myself as it helps me get ready and out to enjoy the world quicker. It doesn’t take away from the message I’m trying to share above ✌🏼