We're human. We make mistakes. And the only way we can ever truly make up for those mistakes is to own them. Wear them like you would jewellery or nice clothes or show them off like you would a new tattoo! Because it's not until we own our mistakes that we can learn from them! Change our way of thinking in order for a peaceful existence for all of humanity. I watched a video recently that changed my way of viewing certain things I say and said throughout my life. And it's not right. <@justinbaldoni #manenough #bebrave #men #women #love #happiness #mentalillness #ownit #strength #sexy #voice #fears #feelings #hope #speakyourmind
As much as I would love to keep posting on how beautiful this place is or how much fun we are all having, I find it hard to ignore the things I have seen. Upon leaving uni I have changed. I look at the world with different eyes, I see beauty as well as the crap we as humans leave behind. We use this world as our own rubbish bin, use and abuse its resources and all put our hands up in surrender and seek someone else to blame. We are all to blame. So when walking on my favourite beech, around the corner from where I spent most of my childhood summers, I was left with a heavy heart. Collecting a very small amount of rubbish lying on the sand, waiting to be swept into the ocean which will affect the lives of millions of sea creatures! Here it is. No filter. No cute fluffy ears to make it look more desirable. No! Just the distruction left by mankind polluting our seas. Please I urge anyone who bothers to read this rather boring message, do not litter. Do not assume someone else will pick up rubbish you have left behind because they won't. Help me make this world a better place for all of us to enjoy. #4ocean #savetheplanet #waste #rubbish #recycle #reuse #donotabuse #lovethelifewelead #lovetheplanet