Hi! I love that y’all want to share this resource with your students. Please remember I’m a teacher too. With an addiction to shopping and family and friends who i like to hang out with. As much as i would love to email the resource to each and everyone of you who missed it the first time, I simply don’t have time to keep up with all that information. instead, I’ll send one more email out at the end of January that will provide the link for you. Hope this helps! ❤️ if you haven’t signed up here’s the link: bit.ly/tutuemail
Kinder darling: Do these bubbles mean you can use it in the bath tub?? Me: no darling. It means if you accidentally get some on your clothes it’ll wash off Darling walks away and proceeds to scribble all over their WHITE T-SHIRT with the marker. 🤷🏾‍♀️ #thetututeacher #thisiskindergarten
It’s snowing and it’s cold and my husband thinks he has the flu. Happy Wednesday? #thetututeacher
Cold shoulder dresses make the LEAST sense when it’s 23 degrees outside yet, here i am, in a cold should dress #thetututeacher
I walked into Homegoods and this about slapped me in the face. I’m sure you have seen posts or watched stories his week that have really angered you. You probably felt offended and judged. And that feeling sucks. It’s the worst. It makes us shut down. It closes us off. But. But. But. If after you let those feelings subside (because feeling angry is fine just don’t live there) if you can be reflective. If you could call on a friend or a loved one or a stranger and ask, “This makes me angry, and frustrated and I’m not sure why! I want to understand can you help me make sense of this?!” If you allow yourself to be vulnerable to be open, you’re going to grow. I promise you. You’ll grow. Now, don’t go calling on EVERY person of a minority group to help you figure things out. Reach out to allies (white allies, straight allies, etc.) Do some research online. Contact old professors. Do whatever you need to do to take that challenge and grow. That is how we ALL get better. We don’t grow when things are easy. We grow when we face challenges #thetututeacher
I learned so much while creating this slideshow of 20 important African American men and women. I can’t imagine how much my students will learn. There are 20 slides, 10 men and 10 women. One person a day for the month of February . While we know we should celebrate important leaders of color EVERYDAY this will give you a starting point and hopefully act as a conversation starter. If you’d like his for your classroom, simply sign up for my mailing list at bit.ly/tutuemail. This will be arriving in your inboxes tomorrow night. Don’t wait, you might miss out. #thetututeacher #diversereads #theoprahofeducation #diversity #representationmatters #teachersofinstagram #teacherspayteachers #iteachtoo
Y’all!!! Look what comes out September 18!! My kids love the book with no pictures and I know they’ll love this too! You can preorder it using my affiliate link here: amzn.to/2FzjHZn
Went on a quick #dunnrun after my workout and found this sweet sign at @homegoods It’s punny because the first two letters of my husbands name and the first two letters of my name spell LOVE. SO literally, LOVE lives here. ❤️❤️ #love #thetututeacher
Or any other minority group for that matter? Do you have an assembly? Is there some kind of school wide activity? What does the ENTIRE school do to celebrate these different groups? Let me know. #thetututeacher
A follow up from yesterday’s post. Each darling traced their hand on skin color construction paper and wrote down one way they would try to make the world better. We stapled their ideas along with the poster on our hallway bulletin board. I provided a few extra sheets for members of our school community to write down their own ideas. I framed the wall with MLK Jr quotes i downloaded from @iteachwhatsyoursuperpower ❤️🙌🏾. #thetututeacher #representationmatters #teachersofinstagram #blackhistorymonth
This is outfit b after outfit a was ruined by my mascara brush. #thetututeacher
I can only speak for myself. If you identify as a white Teacher who is wondering how to do better, how to improve your classroom library so it is full of diverse inclusive texts, or just need a chat. I’m here for you. I’m willing to do this hard work with you. Not ALL of it. And I get annoyed and need my space just like any other person...but if you’re willing to go down the road of hard work, I will stand at the door with you. You can open it and experience something new (with hard work ahead) or turn around and stay on your same old path. The choice is yours. #thetututeacher
Today, after my (amazingly wonderful) Teaching Assistant read the book We Shall Overcome, we made a list of ways we would help Keep MLK Jrs dream alive. We talked about kids being catalyst for change. How when everyone around them might say “no”, they have to do what’s right. I stood in front of them and shouted “That’s not right!” Then i grabbed a darling’s hand and we shouted together “That’s not right !” And we kept grabbing hands and shouting until the classroom rang loud, “That’s not right!” I hope they remember the power of a single voice. It can change the world. #thetututeacher
If you’ve never seen @tiffanyhaddish perform you are missing out. She is hilarious like. Dying. Peeing your pants. Funny. I’m listening to her book #thelastblackunicorn and i don’t even want to get out of the car. I don’t want to miss a thing. The book is sold out but you can listen to it on audible!!
I think I may have overestimated how much “warmer” today was supposed to be. I’m not really dressed for a 35 degree day. But i look cute sooo #winwin #thetututeacher