IM not good enough i’ll never be good enough im a bitch everyone thinks that #imabitch
Hannah Balalala😂❤️ i’ve known u for almost 2 years now im soo glad we got to meet💙 I love how ur soo sweet and funny and caring💗 you’ve changed my life BIG TIME!! I will never replace u goof ball😘 ~ILYSFM Shausha💞 @your_local_buddie #Besties #Lol #friendshipgoals #LoveHer💙
Makayla Cable where do i even start? I met u this year and at the beginning we had a really bad start😕 But starting about 2 weeks ago we started to get along and now we are like best friends💖 I hope we can hangout and get to know each other more!~Ilysm Shausha💗 #Besties #Hey #friendshipgoals #friendsforlife
I know we just became friends but ur soo nice and sweet💙 And i know we had a bad start but im glad we are friends now💖 ~ILYSM Shausha💗 #friendshipgoals
Miss Mylee Claire Miller💖 My best friend that always helps me with my problems when i feel down☺️ My Crazy little sister💘 I remember when we were in kindergarten we would color in color in coloring books♥️ Myles ur so fricken amazing and pretty inside and out(even if u dont have eyebrows) Dont change because the world makes u ur awesome and crazy and caring💗 Anyone would be lucky to be ur friend😘 Ur such a Great Friend to Everybody even if they’re ur ex-friend♥️ U always try ur best at everything and dont care about what people think about u and ur coolness❤️ ILYSFM~Shausha💞 #Besties #bestfriendgoals #loveher
Kelsay😂💞 I know i just met u this year and Im super happy i met u even though u still my coffee and candy😂🍭🍬 But ur still super sweet and funny(sometimes a bit crazy when giving u candy ESPECIALLY M&Ms) But i still love u💖 Ur one of my best friends that changed my life and im soo happy for that💙 ~ILYSFM Shausha💞
i know terrible lighting😂 Allyie you’ve been my best friend since Kindergarten i still remember on the bus we would sing these really weird songs😂💘 But anyways i know we’ve drifted apart after the 3 years since you’ve were at orchard heights while i was still at Olalla still trying to be more dumb😂 I also still remembered that u would always teach me more hard math each day of 2nd grade which btw i love doing math now🤓💞 Ur like my sister💙My yin to my yang☯️ My Best friend FOREVER‼️ #rideordie #loveher #Besties #goals
Anna my weirdo and crazy best friend😘 Ur soo crazy and thats one fo the reasons why ilysm♥️ Ur amazing and u dont care what people say about u. U never let anything get to u🧡 You’ve been my friend for almost 3 years which im happy about💘 Ur so amazing and pretty and i wish i could be cool like u😂😎 ilysfm bae😂😘~Shausha💘 #rideordie #Besties #LoveHer
Justyne Niemman where do i even start you’ve been my best friend since FOREVER AgO!! I love u lots😘 Ur like my older sister thats REALLY tall and so fricken pretty💙 i remembered that we would always bug the crap out of Mr. Jiovinni and soo much more😂💞 We need to hangout more even though we live like 2 minutes away from each other😂💙 U stole the other half of my heart ♥️ Don’t change💘 If someone ever hurts u they’re gonna have to go thru me😂💘 ilysfm~Shausha😘 #bestfriendgoals #bestieforlife #loveher
My nerdy A-hole cuzin My “bae”😂 My Nerdy “best friend”😘 My best friend for LIVe❤️JIOvinnI John Scharff Banni-Laroo MY LiFe BesT friend ILYSFM💗 U think im this Cray CraY physcopath right back at ya😂(Btw i think Jio is trans😂🙊) ://Love u, Shosh