hope everyone’s having a great weekend and staying warm (unless you’re in miami, in which case... don’t talk to me. jk ❤️)
1 latte down and ready to take on the day in my @rothys (btw they’re made from old plastic water bottles.. what??)
just records | also, it’s not time for xmas music yet.. pls
there's something so relaxing about sitting in a cafe, latte in hand. doesn't matter if you're with a friend and all by your lonesome, it's a ritual i never want to give up. | i just wish I could drink unlimited amounts of caffeine... 😩
still dreaming about the new Dinnertable brunch. only regret is not being able to try these pigs in a blanket :/
corduroy pants are my sh*t right now | 📷: @ivanakorda
brunch vibes | side note: every place should have a photo booth
natural, cruelty-free beauty products *that work* can be tough to find. i'm loving how @contextskin 's haircare line is nourishing my curls
Attention! Mejuri only has one sale a year and it's happening now, so you better jump online and check it out ✨ hope everyone's Black Friday shopping is going well!
grateful for all the incredible people in my life (many of you i still need polaroids with! haha but know that i am thinking of you too)
my life rn: coffee coffee coffee | also, i'm so into my new parka. i love the black fur
Le Monde, café, and French speaking baristas - it truly is a french block in new york
yesterday was lit. got a new @idealofsweden phonecase (USFALL20 for 20% off), caught up with dear friends, met some inspiring women, and sweated it out @barrysbootcamp
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