My relationship with the Divine is centered every day. I sometimes sit in a room with furniture, by myself, and either verbally out loud or internally express the unadulterated parts of myself. The pure and impure thoughts. The unhinged parts of me. The expression is uncensored and unabashedly truthful. These personal truths set me free, every day. The language is not politically correct. I let the mind, my feelings, thoughts, and emotions be heard and express themselves. In an empty room without humans, I create my own confessional. Confessions to the Divine on whom I dislike, the annoying person I have to interact with, and in this monologue, I am purifying myself. The Divine hears, the one within me and the Universal one. The space is sacred and held in sacrosanct to purge, to be direct, and not withhold. On one level, suppression and repression are expunged, and on another level, I have cleaned out my daily "trash." I am not judged, fixed, prosecuted, and held in contempt by the Divine. I feel alive once again and reborn in that instant to the Divine's openeness. I can tune into my Sadhana (spiritual practice of Yoga) because the Divine curates the space for every part, both the illusions of the human self and the true Self to see each other, and ask who am I? I highly encourage this practice, and if words do not come out, journaling is another profound exercise before Sadhana. These are acts of courage in your freedom. #freedom #love #purelight #YogaBook #booksoninstagram #openness #Divine #courage #purification #iloveyoga #union #reborn #aurobindo #miraalfassa #themother #divinemother #divinefather #divineexpression #confession #harmony #peace #sacred #sacredunion
The eve of the Full Moon is a time for reflection for many forgotten simplicities. I have been intensely reading and need to satiate with water and often times snacks. It was a late night snack I was preparing, and the plain biscuits I was eating, so mundane yet a moment of needed taste and texture to my work.This accompaniment brought gentler thoughts of what about those that do not have the resource means to open their cupboard or pantry? And, what if they don't have a cupboard or pantry? For me, and probably you, the ease to access these food items is a blessing of nourishment we most often times forget. Yoga Sadhana (the spiritual practice) opens this inner experience of self-inquiry (swadhyaya). How do we as students of Yoga internalize the practice when we see our plate full? Offer and share resources to those who will not be able to have these late night snacks. Before the American version of "Thanksgiving" and Diwali for Indians celebrating, the embodied practice of Yoga would extend this fellowship. South Indian thali picture from February 2016 in Chennai (Madras), India during my travels for this Yoga Book. #seva #karmayoga #yogateacher #yogastudent #sadhana #yogapractice #yogicdiet #YogaBook #booksoninstagram #Diwali #Thanksgiving #selfinquiry #swadhyaya #fullmoon #madras #thali #onelove #fellowship
As Navratri, the festival that celebrates ParaShakti, the divine feminine power concludes, I have held deep remembrance this week of my ancestors. My maternal grandfather, Dadaji, has been a constant memory in my thoughts, even though I have never met him. He died before I was born. Yet, his life and stories were kept alive as I sat on my Dadi's (maternal grandmother) lap in my childhood, as she poured over his legacy. Dadaji was a big industrialist in India who traveled to many parts of the world for business. His avid fondness for traveling is a value intrinsic in our family, and on a personal level, it has opened and broadened a deeper understanding of myself and my lineage. This week has gained so much clarity for me, and the internal powers of Parashakti have intuitively guided me to clean and organize my home every day. I was even guided to hear the Divine's voice on the flowers and its colours to ornament my home. This week has been nourishing and brought so much strength inside of me. Hope, the word has arisen so many times. I offer a picture gift here of the elegant and demure Geisha doll that is encased in our Ahmedabad, India home to remembering the beauty of the Divine feminine in her multi-various forms, and unseen, as well. This is a collective piece Dadaji brought back from Japan, one of his favourite countries. Navratri Blessings, dear soul friend from my family and ancestors. #Navratriwishes #DivineLove #ancestors #Divineguidance #Geisha #Beauty #Grace #YogaBook #Grandfather #Ahmedabad #Yoga #ParaShakti #Japan #navratri #nofilter #worldtravel #Hope #soitis #omparashaktiom
Navratri, the nine nights and 10 days honouring Parashakti, the Supreme Goddess is embodied in innumerable Devi (goddess) forms. Centred here is Kuan-Yin, the Bodhisattva of infinite compassion, mercy, and peace. This week, I have been shown many representations of the sacred feminine in my dreams, a Lyft driver's name as Kali, and on t-shirts that read 'Love' and 'Made of Stars.' Kuan-Yin appears poised and calm in her powerful presence, and the strong message I received today is Peace. Cultivating compassion for ourselves and around us is the coming to life of everlasting peace. Kuan-Yin is a sacred remembrance of this eternal wisdom. May you find and be at peace in your life. Taken in Thailand, 2015 trip. #KuanYin #bodhisattva #navratri #divinefeminine #parashakti #compassion #mercy #thailand #worldtravel #peace
Navratri, commonly known for celebrating Parashakti, the Supreme Goddess in her many forms, including these nine nights and 10 days has officiated. The strong message that has arisen for me today on Friday is Hope. Elevate your thinking and daily actions especially during Navrati to awaken your highest potential and wholeness. I send Blessings to you and myself on these days to shed newfound hope and light to the inner journey and relationship with the Divine. I have lit my first diya. Picture taken in 2015 at the Buddhist temple in Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India. #Ma #DurgaMa #Hope #Love #Navratri #Navaratri #DalaiLama #TibetanBuddhism #Buddhism #ParaShakti #Diya #Believe #NewBeginnings #Dehradun #OmMa
In February-March of 2016, I stayed at one of my teachers, Anandamayi Ma's Ashram for the Sadhana (Yoga spiritual practice) to open and develop this Yoga book. Every day I would walk around this part of Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India, and to this open park that was tucked away from the main roads and noises. I would have to really time myself to get here before the traffic picked up and the school children and their teachers would play games and exercise. It was about a 15 minute walk to the park gate, and when I arrived, I would experience moments of true joy in the sunny and chilly climate. I would have my Ipod Nano listening to Hindi film songs from the local radio stations and walk for almost an hour circling the interior of this park. This walking movement that encircled the interior of the park resembled pradakshina, or circumambulation of an enshrined temple. It was for me a sacred worship of centering myself with nature, in parallel realities that merged. The walk was invigorating for my physical and emotional well-being and the meditative rounds of reconnecting within, a devotion to the microcosm and macrocosm, divine Self and Cosmos. #YogaBook #booksoninstagram #nature #instanature #anandamayima #divinemother #divinegrace #grace #pradakshina #circumambulation #indore #madhyapradesh #universe #AUM
Whether you consider yourself a yoga teacher, student, a truth seeker, there are differences between the Yogi and Yogini and Sadhak (student and aspirant) from certain schools on Yoga in India. All are the continous woven tapestry of identifiers that purify our hearts and souls to expand our divine potential, the true Self. Each identifier is a metaphor of a mountain that reaches its apex and evolves to no identity, Spirit. Blessings to you in your journeys #yogastudent #yogateacher #sadhak #yogi #yogini #YogaBook #Booksoninstagram #blackandwhite #miracle #trueSelf #Atman #Purusha