Thanksgiving contemplations: I am thankful for Humom and this amazing furever life I find myself living in! Wishing everypawdy love, happiness and of course....lots of treats‼️🐾
Thanksgiving contemplations: OMDawg, brother got on my nerves last night. This went on for 1/2 hr until we got tossed into the backyard! BUT, I’m still thankful for him. (Me on the left. Needs 🔊to hear the convo. No harm was done, except to Humom’s eardrums!)
Thanksgiving contemplations: I am thankful for older brother when he comes to stay with me...even if he is grumpy and jealous! I have to believe he loves me anyways‼️
Thanksgiving contemplations: I am thankful Humom chose me from my Shiblings. While they were there and she was meeting us, I fell off Husis’s lap landing on my head and let out a mighty Shiba scream. She whispered to Humom that maybe she should choose another pup because I may have sustained a brain injury. I’m grateful she still chose me❣️What are you thankful for?
Trying to figure out what lives in this hole!
Brother is pretty handsome when he smiles don’t ya think?
Happy Friday! Brother’s coming today to spend the weekend so we’ll see what kind of antics we can get into. What are you up to?
Can you believe it’s already 🐪 day? This week is flying by‼️🐾
Me and my bestie wish all our furiends a happy #tot‼️
Ok Monday, bring it on. I’m ready for ya‼️
It’s so fun when it’s raining 🍁 🍂 🍁 ‼️🐾
Humom said she’s coming home 🏡 today so I’m just going to wait right here‼️🐾
Here comes the weekend‼️
Hey there. Has anyone seen my Humom? She’s been gone for a while now‼️ 📷cred to dLo, my awesome friend who’s staying with me.
Here’s lookin at ya on yet another #tot. Have a good one‼️
How I feel about Monday morning‼️
Look what I found and n the backyard‼️
Have a great weekend everyone! I shall be home sulking cuz Humom left for the week‼️