Natural stone in Mount Royal Calgary.
Sun room fireplace in Priddis
Having a hard time motivating the staff in -20 windchill!
Just wrapped up stonework on this Airdrie Acreage.
A bit of Tuscany in Calgary!
Tom Petty in Seattle. Epic.
Great project to work on.
+30 and not a cloud!
Before and after Reno.
Kitchen backsplash done with Hebron thin brick veneer. Good fan to go in after it's sealed.
RnR in wine country BC. Sipping back a Stoneboat Pinot!
Good start to the day!!!
A little RnR after work!
8 tons on the wall! And 2 proud masons.
First 4 tons on the wall. Only another 156 to go!
We're exited to be putting 160 tons of rock on this place + 22,000 brick!
First 60 tons delivered! Just got to lay it!
At least the hill was awesome!