Rump steak on the menu.
Southern Boubou (Suidelike Waterfiskaal) is part of a group Bushshrikes. I named our B&B after this beautiful bird and it's distinctive calls, often sung in duet, made their presence known in our dense bushveld vegetation. They are moving secretively feeding on insects, fruit, seeds and small reptiles. #birdlovers #birdwatching #birdlife #birdphotography #birding #attractbirds
Gorgeous cheesecake
One of our favourite bushveld birds and frequent visitor, we just love the Southern Yellow-billed Hornbill. Photo taken at Boubou B&B outside Rustenburg, North West Province, SA. #your_best_birds
Celebrating 9 years doing business with LCC Reisebüro Intertours Luckenwalde Germany. Thank you Dirk Heinze, we wish for many years to come.