Would have liked a progress picture without cars in it, but the trades are working hard at hitting that first week of December completion date! House is coming along nicely, hopefully next pics you see are done! #livaradesign #newhome #springbank
Elevations for the Firehouse in Okotoks. The client had a pretty large wishlist, and we are happy to say all have been hit! Can’t wait to see this become reality and the family to be able to move on with their lives! #livaradesign #fire #okotoks
Here’s a sneak peek on our firehouse project! We are using the existing foundation, and have accomplished the redesign with only 1 small kitchen bumpout and a cantilever in the front. Stay tuned for more renderings, hoping to apply for permits soon! #livaradesign #fire #newlife #okotoks
Adding the ultimate detached garage with loft to this already amazing home, a little bureaucracy to get through but we’ll get it done! #livaradesign #garage #mancave
Before and after of a project we did renderings for, love seeing our 3D’s come to life! Visualize it before you build, contact us today! #livaradesign #rendering #buckman
You may recall the story of my childhood home in Okotoks going up in flames a month ago, and our offer to help design the family a new home. Well the day finally came on Wednesday to tear down the old home! It only took about 5 hours to flatten it and clean it up (great work by @bobwallaceexcavating, master on the machine), as you can see in one of the pictures the Lino in the basement was the asbestos culprit in the delay. Can’t wait to get rolling on this project, follow us to see the progress, and make sure you watch the last video for the grand finale of the chimney stack coming down! #livaradesign #fire #rebuild