Throwback to the days where I had tree trunks for arms 💪🏼
It’s mind blowing to think how much I have grown in between these two pictures. Not just physically but in every aspect of life. • • Results don’t come over night, if you want to change something you have to work for it and put in the time and effort. • • I didn’t wake up one day and gain muscle and lose fat. I didn’t wake up one day and say I am not going to care what people think about me. Everything takes time, with time comes beautiful growth. And more time and effort will continue to be made to strive to get to the physique and person that I wish to be. • • #bodybuilding #beauty #fatloss #motivation #determination #gains #goals #fitness #noexcuses
Just really loving my new locks 💆🏼‍♀️💇🏼‍♀️
Had such a great weekend with some life long best friends. Congrats @gracie_corthell, thank you for letting us celebrate your day with you🥂
Had to post some of my favorite memories with this little peanut! Happy birthday Maddie, aunt Bree loves you! ♥️ @courtlbird @sheridan215
Think this goat was almost as grumpy as my boyfriend 🐐
My 🍯
“Happy 4th, mom and dad brought me home new bones and treats. This day can’t get any better. Wait, I take that back, it could if mom would let me chew up her flip flops.” -Duke
Just hanging 👋🏽