Jiving with the chives 🐸💃
Even though editing photos sometimes seems a gratuitous waste of time, since I didn’t have any to do today I missed it and went looking for old photos. A few month old photo of the cotton trees at Scarborough, a little art filtered ✌️
The wildlife seen at today’s school wait. The Kookaburras were nowhere to be seen. The cool wind must have blown them away. 💨💨 #magpie #babymagpie #welcomeswallow
Tried some distortions on a few old photos 🌪 #oicsart
I’ve gone back to a bit of work on this one, although a detailed landscape with depth gives me some challenges. I’ve blocked in some sections anyway 🤗
Rufous Fantail in a pocket of wild at Bunya Swimming Hole, and some nutty alterations if you swipe 🐦🙈