LASHAUWN SIS YOU DID THAT! You never placed lower than top and snatched up 4 wins! I am so proud and you deserve this fully!! Now prance my WINNAH!! (Predicted: top 3) (final stats: 66/70)
Phi Phi you slayed and was one of the only two girls to win challenges but you do not have the highest stats my dear. Now sashay away Kweenie. (Predicted: top 3) (final stats: 59/70)
Chad girly girl you did well this season but not well enough to snatch the crown. Sashay away icon. (Predicted: top 3) (final stats: 44/70)
Willam and The Princess y’all are fierce but now is not your times. Sashay away icons. (Predicted: Willam: 7th The Princess: 6th)