30 minutes LISS on the elliptical today followed by a 1000 m row. I am SO glad @thesummitac has rowers because it is seriously one of my favorite exercises. It makes me feel so bad ass for some reason... 🤷🏼‍♀️ maybe because I used to do it at CrossFit.
Awesome fasted gym sesh with @honeyb.fitness this morning! I am LOVING the PWR program! And my @attivoapparel zip leggings! They are my favorite for leg day, the are squat proof, they stay put so I’m not constantly pulling at my waistband and they are high waisted and SO flattering! . Some day I’ll figure out this gym selfie thing... maybe...
The first of many! Gym days with my HoneyB! . Started @kelseywells PWR program today and my shoulders are dead! I am beyond excited to see how lifting is going to transform my body.
#transformationtuesday We switched it up with taking pictures a bit to try and make them more uniform from now on out. The numbers on the scale have slowed, but I’m so happy with the progress I’m continuing to make. I’ve been bad at exercising lately, but me and @honeyb.fitness just got gym passes that have childcare! So we get to go to the gym together! . . Also I’m changing my progress pic outfit to a swimsuit. It’s a goal swimsuit. Hopefully it’ll fit great by summer! ☀️
Sorry my feed is dominated by food pics lately, but I LOVE good food. Valentines is always a day for a fancy dinner. Tonight I made my love salmon, broccoli and asparagus. I made a sparkling strawberry lime aid with la crioux and stevia and we had strawberries, grapes and Reece’s hearts. Man oh man, I love this man o’ mine! @honeyb.fitness . Happy Valentines Day y’all!
We’re bringing back our tradition of Sunday hikes now that Southern Utah spring is upon us. We went almost 3 miles and I had this kid on my back a good portion of the way. Shout out to @honeyb.fitness for picking up my slack the rest of the time. This boy is my motivation, to build a body capable of of carrying him on my back as long as I want or need.
I’m back! Sharing tonight’s dinner, oven baked falafel bowl! It’s got @itscheatdayeveryday ‘s baked falafel, @sabra plain hummus, spiralized cucumber, garlic barley, loads of spinach and topped with tatziki sauce. So yum! And coming in at <<356 calories>> I’m going to need to find something else to eat too! I made a little goal for myself to try and have more main dishes I can throw in the freezer then just defrost for dinner and add a grain and veggies and make quick bowls. This falafel definitely fulfills that criteria. I doubled the batch and have plenty for the freezer!
I am so excited for a chance to run for a cause very near and dear to my heart. It is SO simple to become an organ donor and you can save SO many lives. I know quite a few people who’s lives have been drastically changed and prolonged as recipients of organ donation. The Heroes in Disguise 5k on March 24 is helping to raise awareness for organ donation and YesUtah! It’ll be here in St. George and I invite all my friends to participate! The registration link is in my bio! . . . #heroesindisguise #heroesindisguise5k #insightcommunications #dsu #yesutah #organdonation
What’s for lunch? @costco chicken salad on a @foodforlifebaking prophet’s pocket (it’s a pita pocket). I added crasins, cashews and spinach to the chicken salad to give it a little umph! And the ever classic apple slices are my go-to for a side.
I lost 7.2 lbs this month, but I’ve been really down on myself because I just want to be at my goal. But I’m doing damn good and I need to recognize that in myself daily.
A beautiful thing.
Swipe ➡️➡️➡️ for the answer! . For as long as I can remember, I have always asked people who have lost a significant amount of weight “what’s your secret?” “What did you do?” “What did you eat?” “What workouts did you follow?” And it seems like no one ever had an answer I liked. The big secret is: whatever you love enough to stick to for the long term is going to be your secret weapon! For me, it’s mostly plant based, intermittent fasting, BBG and running. That’s my jam, I’ve found my happy spot. But what works for me might not work for you. If you like having a personal trainer, awesome! If weight watchers fits you, perfect! If you feel your best eating keto, more power to you! If you want to do CrossFit or beach body, or yoga or Zumba or power lifting or physique shows or ultra marathons, THATS YOUR JAM! Stick to it. That’s what matters in the end. Find something you love, that makes you feel happy and healthy and fits your budget and that is your weight loss secret. It doesn’t come in a one size fits all, so stop worrying about the workouts and diet that Sally and Tina and Jess are following and do what you LOVE and be consistent and the results will follow.
Today is a BIG day! Maybe it's actually a little day... I hit a new low! 162 lbs! My pre-pregnancy weight!!! This picture was one of the only ones I could find (because my phone decided to erase everything!?! 😡) but this was Spring of 2015 and I thought I was hot stuff! I think that me and @honeyb.fitness both look better now. My hair DEFINITELY looks better!
First off: I'm super pumped I got up early and got my legs done to start the day off right! . Second: I was tagged by @ksgirlbbg to share 5 facts about me. I thought it would be fun to share a bit of myself outside of working out and focusing on my health. Here we go! Swipe through, because I found pictures for all of these . . 1. I LOVE Robin Hood. I love the archery, I love robbing the rich to give to the poor, bandits, I love that Disney made him a fox because I love foxes. When I was a kid I had a phase where I just wanted to wear moccasins and run around in the woods learning to be as quiet and one with nature as possible. I'm just obsessed with the whole Robin Hood story in all its forms . . 2. I KNEW my husband for 4 MONTHS before we were married. It wasn't a shotgun wedding or arranged marriage or anything. I'd say we are just both excellent an judge of character and we knew. It was a magical whirlwind and I don't regret a thing. We've been married for 3 years now and still going strong . . 3. I've had some crazy hair adventures since I've been married. From asymmetrical to purple to shaved side to an awful pixie cut (the cut wasn't awful, I just wore it bad and I reasoned that it would be my motivation to lose some weight so I could "pull it off" better. Then we found out I was pregnant 😅). . . 4. I have 2 tattoos, one on my wrist that matches my husband and it's our anniversary date in Roman numerals and it says "eternity" in Chichewa (one of the languages spoken in Malawi that he learned a little of when he lived there). My other tattoo is my son's birthdate on my ribs . . 5. I am 26 and I'm STILL in college. I've also been enrolled in 4 different Universities 😅 and changed my degree COUNTLESS times! I began my freshman year as a Deaf studies major, switched to ASL Interpreting, Outdoor Recreation, Social Work, Elementary Education and I've finally come to my landing place: Photography . . That was really fun for me and I hope you enjoyed learning a little more about me. Leave a 😜 if you made it all the way through! . . And now I nominate @honeyb.fitness @thetonyferrari @sprint4chocolate @healthy.bod.happy.mom and @wayyless to post 5 facts!
I finally remembered to take a picture, but @jesselyn.h is helping me get on a schedule and get my running in. . . If you don't like running, it might not be running's fault. Just stop trying to do it alone. A buddy makes everything better!!!
I've kinda burned out on the whole "eggs for breakfast" thing. Today I made a delicious teriyaki stir fry! Loaded up with veggies because as I reflected on my eating yesterday the only veggies I had was lettuce and tomato on my burger for lunch 😳 and I definitely don't count French fries as veggies... . . . I'm no meal prep goddess like @new.fit.beginning but I have a few tricks to save me some time in the kitchen. I had leftover turkey from Christmas and I put them in 1 serving portions in bags and froze them, I also make up a big pot of brown rice at one time and portion off and freeze those too. So when I need a meal I just have to defrost my rice and turkey then add all the fresh veggies or whatever I want to customize. I definitely prefer fresh veggies, but I also buy frozen. @smithsmarket will have their @krogerco brand veggies in sale 10 for $10 often and I'll just grab a bunch (secret: you don't have to buy 10. They'll all still be a dollar.) Frozen veggies already chopped up save a lot of time too.
I lost 20 lbs so... TREAT YO SELF!!! . . A lot of you have asked about my reward system: . . I have 5 lb increments of weight goals and I have a list of rewards I can choose from when I reach that goal. My 165 goal was a new makeup brush, highlight and cleaner. It was more than I thought, but I needed the new highlight. My 160 goal I'm working towards is new running shoes! I needed them and I already have them. They're just sitting on my dresser calling my name! 160, here I come! . . And for those that have asked the brand is Maskcara makeup and I get mine from @extended_beauty_michelle hit her up if you want a color match. This makeup literally changed my life. I love it. It's fast and easy and smooth! It helps me feel good about myself every day. Whatever helps right?? When you find what works for you, stick with it!
Accountability: I ate awful yesterday. Confession: after I had already eaten cold pizza and ice cream I had Steve drive me to the cupcake store so I could get a cinnamon roll. (He wasn't very happy with me...) I didn't follow this quote. I love it and it inspires me and that's why I'm making today better than yesterday.
My running buddy today! I think I'm going to try and wake up and get out on a morning run a few times a week. We logged 2.95 miles this morning in about 40 minutes. There was quite a bit of walking involved. Even though Fox is a running buddy, she can't quite motivate me like @caitlinreed_14. Plus she needs to work on her selfie game.