I'm double posting you piece of shit, this account is fucking seasonal - so full of views and faces, trees and seas and all
Behind the scenes just a crazy bad boiiiiiiiiiiiii, ain't no bananas here my gun is just a toyyyyyyy
This shit look like a video game because now that you've read this far into my caption just know you've been played
I'm an evolved being, bring me your pain so I can take it away
I'm busy feeding y'all crums from my biscuits, tear drops from my trinkets - Your guy a man of substance no lyrics plagiarized, swipe right and left y'all know what's left get caught and hypnotized
What are the odds of me making it to the Women's FIFA World Cup final? Comment down let me know
Hottest Eid Gang ever
I actually was going to take pictures of myself in my underwear on this photoshoot as a homage to my grandpa, because he's a fucking legenend, but check out how fucking warm it looks
Bruh wtf happened
Me and the boyz and a little bit of cream #tbt
Mirror selfies aren't my thing but I can't lie I really like these
Some behind the scenes shit y'all fancy a trip away?
Throwback to when I fucked up entirely and almost broke my arm. High speed go-karting is a dangerous, fun game to play my peeps ♥️
God knows how much I wanted to die that day, like yes I may have looked good but what's the point if I'm not comfortable in it, like y'all can get off my case let me wear a shirt without the jacket for fucks sake
One thing I'll credit my parents for is how they never let my bladder overload as a kid. They always pulled over if we're on the road or they'd make me pee in a bottle while we move to control the situation. Makes me wonder if they were worried about my health or the stink if I was to pee myself. Shout-out to Sara for posing with me, it's been a while fam
Das me preparing to run away from responsibilities
I need this to stay warm everywhere, I'm cold blooded