Sunset / Gerroa, South Coast, NSW, Australia Sony A7Rll (ISO50 f/20 1/4sec) #gerroa
Ode to Trees ( and 80’s music!) 😍🌲🌳🌴🍁🍂🎶🎵🎶🎶🎵😍 Who doesn’t love a good Tree Shot! I spend a lot of my time at the Oceans Edge, watching the Sun rise and set … the Waves lapping or crashing in … very peaceful. However the rare moments I also get to just sit, stand or wonder around amongst our Trees is very special! Peacefulness in amongst fellow living things … the quiet … sometimes broken by the song of a bird or the rustling of the wind.
After n Before / Gerroa, South Coast, NSW, Australia Sony A7Rll Sony 16-35mm f2.8 GM (ISO50 f/11 0.5sec) I often get asked what camera I shoot with, which lens do I use. Then I wait for the follow-up “Why Sony?” I’m more than happy to chat to anyone who is interested in photography and curious about my gear. Although I do my research when purchasing any gear, I’m not a tech-head when it comes to gear - I don’t really understand all those tests that the review dudes publish. Gear is mostly a personal choice - most of the modern day cameras are pretty good. The “high-end” cameras great … thats why they are “High-End”! 😃 However I have to say, nearly 20 months into getting my Sony, trying a few different lens, I’m still blown away by the quality of image and the low light performance. This shot was taken at the very end of a session - my mates had packed up after a great looking sunset. I wan’t sure I’d got the shot I was after. I was still patiently waiting for one more large wave to roll in … waiting … waiting … and waiting. Finally after a few more minutes - boom! There it was! My eyes lit up, I snapped the pic and thought “Good job Craig!”. Not really! All I was thing was “must get out of the cold!” :) Later that night, i started to look at the shots, went straight to this last of the session and was a little disappointed. I new the water movement would be great, however it was so dark when I took the pic, I didn’t really think this dark image on my Mac would be really worth exploring. So wrong! After a bit of teasing out the shadows, exploring the highlights, I was more than happy with the outcome! The “after” shot is cropped in. Still loving my Sony!
Wild Flowers / Kosciuszko National Park Cold winters day here 💨☔️🌧... Reminds me I need to spend more time here next summer! Great hikes, summer wild flowers and good friends - what’s not to like!🌺🌼🌸🏃🏻‍♂️🌞⛰🌄
Early Morn / Gerroa Headland, South Coast, NSW, Australia Sony A7Rll Has been no cloud around the last few days, so a break in those stunning sunrises/sunsets we have been having here recently. Took a drive out to Gerroa in the off chance there may have been some whales … no whales either. Still, a pretty awesome view too start the day!
Sunrise / Jervis Bay, NSW, Australia Another shot from that STUNNING sunrise last week … a bit later in the morning. This time looking north east up the coast. Love The Bay! #jervisbay #southcoastnsw
Ancient Dawn/ Old Bombo Quarry, South Coast, NSW, Australia 🌊🌋🌄 Sony A7Rll (ISO500 f/10 0.8sec) Finally! They say a good attribute for a photographer is persistence ... 🤬 some may call it bloody "mindedness" ! 😤 Anyway, it's taken me many, many pre-dawn trips up the highway, sometimes bleary eyed, but forever hopeful, to finally get an awesome sunrise at Bombo 🤩
Sunrise / Jervis Bay, NSW, Australia Sony A7Rll (ISO80 f/13 0.5sec) I've been thinking about getting to Jervis Bay for a sunrise for a while now ... now that the Summer crowds have gone! 😊 Anyway, cloud map last night looked very promising … Arranged to meet up with Camera Club mate Matt for a pre-dawn drive down to the bay for Sunrise … AND IT WAS STUNNING! 😍😍😍 #jervisbay #100beachchallenge #southcoastnsw
Wow! Jervis Bay this morning! So fortunate to be able to see sights like this ...
Sunrise / Gerringong, South Coast, NSW, Oz Sony A7Rll (ISO50 f/10 0.4sec)