I’ve never really got why girls are sometimes judged for posting pics in their underwear, yet posting a bikini pic is deemed acceptable? The same amount of skin is shown? 🤔 I can’t be the only girl who has been known to sunbathe in undies on holiday?! (Or completely starkers 🤣) When I’ve talked about Insta posts with friends and other models they all have different answers- some prefer to keep fully clothed, others choose to post fully naked pictures, and all for different reasons. At the end of the day, it’s your body, it’s your Instagram, and it’s your opinion. We can simply choose to unfollow someone if we personally disagree with their content. 💕 —- I found an article by @naomishimada on @refinery29uk today which TOTALLY inspired me to post. Well worth the read if you find it online! • • • • #diaryofacurvymodel #noedit #nofilter #raw #nomakeup #filterfree #model #love #smile #happy #beyou #bodyconfidence #natural #feelgood #bodypositivity #bodylove #everybodyisbeautiful #effyourbeautystandards #livetheskinyourein #loveyourself #healthy #bodypositive #bopo #curvygirl #curves #strong #beautiful #beautybeyondsize
Monday morning digitals before I head to Manchester ✨ Debating whether I should dye my hair dark again? 🤔💁🏻‍♀️ #diaryofacurvymodel
The city never sleeps 😂Working in London with my fave @amyharvs1 ‘Shall we go out and get drunk tonight?’ ‘Nah. Lets just go swimming at the spa then go to bed’ Old ladies at 25 😂🙈 #diaryofacurvymodel
People keep trying to talk to me and I have to apologise because I don’t speak Spanish 🤦‍♀️ Plan for 2018: learn a different language ✔️ #diaryofacurvymodel
Get in the sun - Pure, raw, unfiltered, natural, full-bodied Vitamin D ☀️😎 #diaryofacurvymodel
The blue skies today nearly had me fooled that summer was on its way ☀️My favourite @topshop boutique coat keeping me toasty warm ❤️ #diaryofacurvymodel
When you’re in a big ol’ mansion and you don’t want to sit down and ruin anything 👀🙈 @amyharvs1 Thanks for getting me through this week ❤️😘 #diaryofacurvymodel
I’ve now tried out several different places for yoga and they were all rubbish compared to the amazing Sydney practices 😫 Can any Leeds babes recommend some great Inyengar/ashtanga/vinyasa flow classes for whilst I’m home?! 🙏❤️ #diaryofacurvymodel
My sassy alter ego coming out on NYE after several prosecco & chambord cocktails 💁‍♀️💋 5 days in to Dry January and I already caved. Is Dry Monday-Friday acceptable? 🤔 #firstpostof2018 #diaryofacurvymodel
So happy it snowed ❄️⛄️ Family were not so happy that I trailed it all through the house on my boots 🤣🙈 #oops #mybad #snowday
Not putting the wine down until 1st Jan 😏🥂 Festive drinks and eating our body weight in mash potatoes. Christmas dinner take 3! 🍾😍 @jayboy_8787
Always extra smiley on Christmas Eve 😁 Merry Christmas to all the loves of my life 💓 Particularly the ones who bought me a bottle of champagne 🍾 🥂 3 bottles later and I’m still merry! 😬 You obviously all know me well and it’s much appreciated 💕😂 📷 Photography @anete_lusina @anete_lusina 😍❤️
Pic taken right before I looked in the mirror and found lipstick on my teeth 🤦‍♀️ Cause I’m classy like that 😂 @anete_lusina 📷 thanks for letting me crash your apartment, bring a million outfits, walk around naked and for finding me 2 new boyfriends 😂❤️
We basically used every bathroom for a photo op last night 😬 📷 Showcasing my festive top from @riverisland which made me feel like a flamenco dancer 💃 Now all I need is a Santa hat to get in the Christmas spirit🎅