The humidity today is at 100%. Just thought you should know... Also, I’m on air today at 99.3 @cfoxvan from 8am-1pm surrounded by grey windows and good tunes 🎵❤️.
This morning I’m a 1,3,6 and 9, all at the same time... On air at 99.3 @cfoxvan this weekend from 8am-1pm and cranking the @foofighters + several other musical gems 💋
Seeing my wonderful amigas was the HIGHLIGHT of the #LaurynHill concert. Ms. Lauryn Hill, you left us standing in the rain for an hour and 20 minutes and then you sang the most confusing “covers” from your hit album while waving your hands frantically for the sound techs to adjust everything around you during the entire show... which was a whopping 40 minutes in total. WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED TO YOU?!?! To anyone reading this and thinking of going to the #MiseducationOfLaurynHill 20th anniversary tour, do yourself a favour. Save yourself the money and the heartache. #CRUSHED💔
For you, me, and everyone in between...❣️ #Vancouver