I do yoga on sundays so I can start the new week in the best possible way💗🙏🏼
This one😍🙏🏼 More energy for work on a saturday💗
Do what you love & love what you do💗👌🏼
Legday today, the soreness is already on the way💗🍑
Det här är den godaste PWON jag druckit💗 Ni får 20% på allt från GAAM Nutrion när ni använder koden - PBCECILIALIINDH på Proteinbolaget.se (länk i bio)🙏🏼👊🏼
TBT to my best shape ever😩💗👌🏼 Be your own motivation!
Sundays are for cleaning & workouts❤️😍🙏🏼💪🏼
NO WORDS for todays breakie/brunch💗🥞 Healthy pancakes with raspberries, peanutbutter, coconutflakes, Barebells creme & agave syrup!👌🏼
Sometimes you just need basics in your workout, like pushups💗💪🏼
BACKATTACK is always a good idea💗💪🏼 My new way to eat has been great for my body!🙏🏼
HAPPYDAY💗🍑 Ended todays legworkout with resistance band👌🏼
Started this sunday with powerwalk & intervals💗👟❄️👌🏼
Todays dinner - TACO🌮❤️👌🏼😍
Saturdays cardio & backattack check💗✔️
Somedays are for booty & others are for arms💗💪🏼
Being sick of 3 days now and I already miss the gym💗💪🏼
Pancakes with icecream, nutella and strawberries😍🥞🍓 Its okey when youre sick and have fever🤒
Strong yesterday & sore today💗💪🏼😅